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Integrated future 24
Micros have finally come of age in the business world thanks to the arrival of integrated applications software. The problems of several different disks with separate programs that are more or less compatible have been solved by combining word processing, spread-sheet, business graphics, database and communications facilities in a single package. PCN Pro-Tests Open Access, Framework, Symphony, Apple Works and Decision Manager.
Five Commodore 64s
must be won
In a touch of summer madness, PCN is giving away five best-selling Commodore 64s. Last week's issue contained the first three of six questions: turn to page 16 for the second half of the competition and the entry form.
Issue 72 - August 4th 1984
Monitor 2

Chris Curry, managing director of Acorn, talks to PCN about his company's plans on page 3. Also this week: Sinclair steps up production across the board, page 2; Mastertronic branches out, page 4; and software sales go electronic, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
What's going up and what's coming down in Britain's only weekly micro chart.
Random Access 9
We send a tenner to the best reader's letter published. This week, points of view on Prestel, Oric and cassette inlays.
Routine Inquiries 10
PCN's panel of experts at your disposal: if you've got a query, we've got an answer.
Microwaves 12
Hints and tips from PCN readers for the Atari, Amstrad and Spectrum.
Readout 15
Looking for a good computer read? We advise on what to buy.
Software Pre-View 36
The shape of things to come. We look at the new software before it arrives in the shops.
Billboard 44
Turn to our secondhand bargain page for the equipment you can afford.
Quit/Datelines 48
Laugh with us at the lighter side of computing, plus forthcoming events at home and abroad.
Atari graphics 18
Smoothly moving objects in Atari games programming are possible with Player/Missile Graphics.
X80 Assembler 20
The final instalment of the graphics generation program ties up Keith Hook's Z80 assembly programming series.
Acorn calling 22
Get on the line to Acorn's Prestel adaptor with David Janda.
Obviously Olivetti 32
Gucci good looks are the least of the M24's several attractions. John Lettice believes Olivetti has just the right approach to IBMability.
Spectrum 38
Go for a hazardous jaunt in the jungle, or outwit the wolf that's after your sheep.
Commodore 64 39
64 varieties of games - Commodore 64, that is.
Dragon 32 40
A disassembler for the 6809 processor.
Vic 20 42
Gothic and greek character sets for extra style in your programming.
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