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The QL Question 2
Launched to widespread acclaim the QL was quickly overshadowed by criticism of delivery delays, unfinished software and the question of mounting interest from customers' money. Now in an exclusive interview, Sir Clive Sinclair defends his company and answers the QL's critics.
Issue 65 - June 16th 1984
Monitor 2
Desolation Row
Dragon and Tycom go into receivership but help is at hand . . . page 4.

Commodore Show report, page 5; View from America, and a cautious welcome for the Ant micro, page 6.

Random Access 10
Your letters - a chance to air your opinions on anything to do with microcomputing, with a tenner for the best.
Routine Inquiries 14
What's holding you up? Our panel of experts offers advice and solutions.
Charts 11
PCN charts the ups and downs of Britain's most popular games and hardware.
Clubnet 15
A newly formed Oxfordshire TI group is keen to help blind and partially-sighted programmers.
Microwaves 16
Readers' hints and tips to inspire you, or just help you out of a hole.
Readout 17
Read any good micro books lately? We advise on what to pick off the shelves.
Billboard 51
You can't afford not to turn to our second-hand bargain page.
Quit/Datelines 56
Dates for your diary, and a look at the lighter side of micro computing, with results of the Laughline competition.
Bring on the clones 18
When is a PC-compatible really a compatible? David Guest solves the riddle.
Oric for HIRES 20
Bob Maunder puts some bottle into high-resolution graphics on the Oric micros.
Amstrad's hi-flyer 28
Amstrad has wisely produced a sturdy, reliable sort of micro, says Max Phillips. Dated possibly, but certainly not out of place in your home.
Golden oppurtunity 23
The CP/M Gold Card makes the Apple II a decent business machine in one fell swoop, says Geof Wheelwright.
Screen Test 26
A cheap colour monitor gets the beady eye from Kenn Garroch.
Software summary 36
A quick survey of the new packages that have arrived at PCN in the last week.
Quizzical glance 38
Two quiz packages get top marks from Bob Chappell.
Dragon Code 41
A competitive Dragon toolkit took some of the hard work out of machine code programming for Brian Cadge.
Spectrum 42
Bob Chappell puts his Spectrum through the hoop with five games cassettes.
Vic 20 45
Ride like Ben Hur, or labour for the love of a miniskirted princess.
Programs 47
Menu for the BBC contains a number of useful utilities that can be extracted for use elsewhere.
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