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Baby Blue 32
How will IBM's PC Jr compete in the British home computer market? Kenn Garroch conducts the Pro-Test.
Issue 64 - June 9th 1984
Monitor 2

Camputers on the rocks, plus the new Dragon, page 2; Osborne on a roll, page 3; OCS opens way to processor-independent compilers, page 4; and Commodore sneaks in with two new systems, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
The best selling games and hardware in Britain's most authoritative charts.
Random Access 10
Your letters - a chance to sound off about anything related to micros with a tenner for the best.
Routine Inquiries 12
Gotta problem? Get an answer. Our team of experts awaits your cries for help.
Microwaves 15
Hints, tips, clever routines, flashes of inspiration or laboriously thought out solutions - they're all here, contributed by you. We pay for them too.
Clubnet 16
PCN heads to south-east London and meets up with a group of Basic reactionaries.
Readout 27,57
A mixed bag of reading matter for Commodore 64 and Atari owners. Just the thing for the beach when your micro's far away.
Billboard 59
The best place to buy and sell micros and related matter.
Quit/Datelines 64
Our less-than-serious look at the industry, plus forthcoming events at home and abroad.
BBC graphics 18
Tim Brightwell shows how to put colour and movement in your Model B screen displays.
Spectrum ROM 20
Use the power of the Spectrum operating system in your own programs. We show you how.
MTX assembler 22
Keith Hook reveals how the MTX micro is a powerful tool for the machine code programmer.
Spectrum keyboard 28
Another entry in the market for 'real' add-on keyboards. John 'Fingers' Lettice reports.
Rite price print 30
Looking for good dot-matrix quality and value for money? Check out the Riteman printer.
Software summary 38
A quick look at the new packages that have arrived at PCN this week.
Designer Apple 41
The Complete Graphics Package is a hard name to live up to but Helena Siedlecka finds a design toolkit packed with features.
Stylish Dragon 43
Stylograph gives your dragon real word processing power - with spelling checker and mail merge as a bonus.
BBC 44
Bob Chappell rounds up a bunch of action-packed games.
Commodore 64 47
Fun and frustration with Chinese Juggler and Pub Quest.
Spectrum 48
Check out your number skills and try your hand as a tank commander.
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