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Compaq review 32
It has been a long wait, but finally the Compaq has arrived. In its sturdy casing this luggable micro could cause a stir in the business sector. As Richard King discovered it is eminently IBM-compatible.
Issue 62 - May 26th 1984
Monitor 2

First impressions of the QL, page 2; Advertising watchdog lays into micro men, page 3; Tape-to-disk deal from AMS on its Hitachi units, page 4; and games prices continue to plummet, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Have ther been major changes in micro buyers' preferences this week? Check our charts to find out.
Random Access 8
Your letters earn a crisp tenner for a star contribution.
Routine Inquiries 11
We solve problems with the 48K Spectrum, Oric 1 and Vic 20.
Microwaves 14
Start a ripple in the microcomputing world with a little pearl of wisdom. This week's hints and tips cover the Spectrum, Oric 1, Atmos and Vic 20.
Clubnet 15
The organisers of the Yate and Sodbury Computer Club invite PCN's readers for a visit.
Readout 16,58
A bumper crop of new books in this issue, including a collection for the Spectrum.
Billboard 59
Can't afford a micro or the peripherals you want? Look on our second-hand buy and sell page.
Quit/Datelines 64
Make a note in your diary of upcoming events in the micro world.
Spectrum sound 18
Gavin Monk shows you how to get a good sound out of the Spectrum using the much underrated BEEP command.
Peripheral issues 22
Japanese influence is increasing on the peripherals market. Tom Sato sums up the current position on disk drives and printers.
Dragon OS9 24
An operating system that would be at home on a minicomputer or the Dragon 64. Richard King reports.
Spectrum scholars 27
Clare Gurton has found a novel way to study Shakespeare - using a Spectrum. And we look at two other additions to the Spectrum's range.
Data express 30
End the struggle with dBase II by using the new Expressbase II. Neville Ash tells you how.
Software summary 43
Keep up-to-date on software releases as the new products reach PCN's office - we tell what we think of the most notable among them.
BBC buggies 37
Victor O'Neil looks at the K1 and Youngtrainer Buggies for the BBC, both aiming to provide low cost turtles.
64 graphics 39
The Koala graphics pad for the Commodore 64 is great fun to use, but, Piers Letcher asks, does it have serious applications too?
Spectrum 47
Another version of Centipede called Rapedes, and a rather intriguing look at 1984.
Oric 49
Puzzle through the House of Death or save the city from an attavk of alien gremlins in Operation Gremlin.
Dragon 32 51
This program by Anthony Jewell shows you how to mix text and graphics on the high-resolution screen.
Commodore 64 55
A utility for the 64 that allows split screen graphics to be employed.
Spectrum 56
J Williams devised this utility to sort arrays on the Spectrum.
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