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A dispute within VNU disrupted production of Personal Computer News so that we missed an issue last week. We apologise for this and assure subscribers that they will still receive their full year's worth of PCNs.
Cover story
Epson elaborates 36
Epson has fought its way back onto the lapheld bandwagon, temporarily commandeered by Kyocera and Sharp. Peter Jackson welcomes the PX-8 - CP/M RAMdisk and all - with open arms.
Competition 28
Power to the BBC!

Five Torch Cell second processor packs together worth £1,700 to be won.
Just enter this simple competition, and you could win a prize to boost the power of your BBC. Each Z80 second processor comes with 64K of RAM, business software, full documentation and Z80 BBC Basic user's guide.

Issue 61 - May 19th 1984
Monitor 2

H-P moves into portability, page 2; Acorn buys Torch and releases a Z80 board, page 3; Peachtree takes windows a step further, page 4; Filling in last week's gaps, page 5; Cobol - 25 today and still going strong, page 7.

PCN Charts 9
Which are the best selling games and micros? We chart their progress.
Random Access 11
Your letters with £10 for the best. Advice on tackling modems and mail order companies.
Routine Inquiries 12
Need some help? We answer queries on 64 sound, printing circulars and the Spectrum 48K.
Microwaves 14
PCN's readers have helpful hints for Oric, Spectrum and Commodore 64.
Clubnet 15
The East London Microcomputer Club has definite views on what a club is for.
Readout 61,63
PCN scrutinises some of the latest micro books, and surveys the IBM PC publication scene.
Billboard 67
Something old, something new - almost. Buy, sell or swap, there's something for everyone on the second-hand bargain page.
Quit/Datelines 72
Oops! We say what we really meant to say, but didn't, and chuckle at other people's blunders . . .
Fifth generation 18
Tom Sato reports on what promises to be a major ne Japanese export - artificial intelligence.
Set the Flag 21
Third in the series of Keith Hook's guide to Assembly language programming.
Apple kuDOS 22
A new operating system for the II plus the IIe adds to Apple appeal.
Chess challenge 25
Bob Chappell checks out Colossus 2.0 and finds it may be the queen of them all.
Dragon Sprint 27
Dragon programs go faster with this integer compiler - it almost took Bryan Skinner's breath away.
Software summary 45
The latest releases. PCN picks out the best from the rest.
BBC power up 32
It's a ROM deal: David Janda experiences up to 128K RAM expansion on his BBC.
Atari 48
A bag of Atari allsorts to whet your appetite.
Spectrum 47
Rub shoulders with wizards and rogues, or do your best to avoid tap-dancing androids.
Commodore 64 51
Want to complement your 64 collection? These could fit the bill.
BBC/Electron 53
Plot functions in three dimensions on the BBC/Electron's graphics screen (Mode 4).
Oric 57
A renumbering routine for the 16K and 48K machines.
Commodore 64 59
Investigate split screen graphics and raster interrupts.
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