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Issue 47 - February 4th 1984
Pull out and keep
An A to Z of Atari
From its beginnings at the start of the video games era, to its latest home micros, we examine the company and its machines.
Free Competition 55
More than £1,250 in prizes to be won including six Atari 600XLs and software for Atari, Commodore and Texas micros.
Monitor 2

Comx rises from Computers for All ashes, page 2; controversy at software award ceremony, page 3; Unix boosted by IBM and Digital Research, page 4; pressure grows on Acornsoft locks, page 5, while JLC locks the stable door, page 7.

PCN Charts 9
Who's riding high in software and hardware this week.
Random Access 10
£10 on offer for the best of you letters.
Routine Inquiries 12
Your questions answered on Sinclair interfacing, Oric security and crystal ballgazing at the Elan Enterprise.
Microwaves 16
Hints and tips for Spectrums, Commodore 64, Oric and Atari.
Readout 34
Take a break from the keyboard - settle down with a good book.
PCN Programs 70
Dragon: No it's not just another Luna Lander. Give it a run; we think you'll be impressed.
PCN Binders 80
Keep your PCN collection in pristine condition with our dedicated filing system.
Databasics 82
Whatever you want to know about a micro, you should find it here.
Billboard 90
Pick up a bargain or make cash from your unwanted bits and PCs.
Quit/Datelines 96
Forthcoming events of a micro nature.
Second memo 26
Part 2 of Keith Hook's helpful introduction to the Memotech.
Print on the cheap 30
John Lettice looks at the recent developments in printers that have put better quality print at lower prices into the hands of more users.
Sinclair's new star 18
With 1984 only a month old, the QL makes a strong claim to the title Micro of the Year. Ian Scales and Geof Wheelwright examine this latest addition to the Sinclair stable.
Atari in touch 37
Together with its new line of micros Atari launched a range of peripherals. We look at one, the new touch tablet.
Pushing down daisies 41
Daisywheel quality at under £300? Silver Reed's new EXP500 offers exactly that.
IBM talks business 55
David Guest runs a micro version of the business programming language, Cobol, on the IBM PC.
BBC English 58
Keep a check on your spelling with Spell Check for the Model B. David Williams is the man at the keyboard.
Commodore: 60
More dicing with death for 64 owners.
Oric: 62
Turn turtle or try a few computer classics.
Apple: 64
Get out your old lamp and go adventuring.
Sinclair: 66
Mike Gerrard takes a run through five new games.
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