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Issue 44 - January 14th 1984
Second of a three-part in-depth look at Acorn's Electron. This week, games, business software and more about the Electron's BBC Basic.
Monitor 2

Sinclair's new micro - QED, page 2; Atari founder pioneers new robot, page 3; Apple-Franklin tie decided on penalties, page 4; Atari keeps its powder dry, page 5; CP/M on a chip, page 7.

PCN Charts 9
Follow the progress of your favourite micros and software packages.
Random Access 11
Your comments . . . and a £10 prize for a star letter.
Routine Inquiries 14
More queries solved by our panel of experts.
Microwaves 16
Readers pass on a few nuggets of micro wisdom to help micro users.
Readout 24
Redoubtable reviews of some of the latest micro-oriented publications.
PCN Programs 65
BBC Micro: In Minefield, you have to carefully negotiate you way over a minefield without getting blown up. You don't get a metal detector but you do get some clues to help you on your way.
Databasics 23
A complete guide to all the products you are likely to want to add to your micro.
Billboard 82
Pin your own FREE ad or simply amble through PCN's buy, sell and exchange column.
Quit/Datelines 88
Coming events likely to be of interest plus some past ones to raise a snigger.
Hitachi MBE-16002 18
Hitachi's IBM-compatible has finally hit these shores and Igor Thomas finds out just how well the machine has survived the trip.
The Art of Adventure 27
Will the text-only adventure game survive the advent of graphic/text adventures. John Lettice decides whether the rumours of its death are indeed premature.
Genie characters 30
Keith Hook shows you how to move the unspriteful Colour Genie's characters around the screen with this machine code program.
Acorn Teletext adaptor 35
Acorn is finally on the air, and Piers Letcher tunes into its new Teletext adaptor to determine whether it's safe to let your BBC watch TV.
Integrex Colour jet Printer 36
Piers Letcher continues his look at new colour printers with a review of this ink-jet model from Integrex.
Compile with the 64 51
David Janda lets the DTL Basic compiler speed up his Commodore 64 and discovers how it clocks up.
Spectrum in print 53
Three new packages for the Spectrum are sprucing up printing. Ted Ball tests Dlan, Microprint 42/51 and Multifont.
Dragon: Devil Assault, wasps and Dragon racer are at the starting gate. 55
Commodore 64: Forbidden Forest and Siren City let you explore the darkness. 59
Vic 20: Survival in a games pack and a Countdown to doom. 60
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