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Issue 2 - Week Ending March 25th 1983
PCN's Paperchase 19
Second leg in the race for a BBC ... four Model Bs up for grabs.
Coleco Exclusive 27
Full preview of the little machine with lots of promise.
Psion Vs CP 31
Tales of woe and bad luck as a brace of Spectrum programs brings the backgammon blues.
Nursery End 32
Find out what kids are getting their hands on these days.
Does Spectrum's new spreadsheet rate against 'Calcs? 35
Colurful plot to boost IBM graphics. 38
BBC word processing on the cheap. 40
Full hands on the heavy metal Toshiba T100. 42
Full fingers on the latest pocket Casio. 48
Stacking up the memory with ZX81's amazing tower of power. 51
We hear the Vic's got a lot o' gottle. 54
Join Diane Keaton and a cast of thousands on the Apple. 59
Travel through time and space on the ZX81. 60
Help Horace, the home-fun hero, through new scrapes on the Spectrum. 61
Monitor 2
New Dragon hot from the valleys, page 2; Acorn keeps costs down for BBC users but spells out the price of its Econet, page 3; why add-ons for the Jupiter Ace are late, page 4; Join the search for the Sinclair Microdrive, page 5 . . . plus reports and pictures on these seven pages of all the latest news.
Random Access 17
You send 'em . . . we'll print 'em - and pay £10 for the letter of the week.
Readout 18
To buy or not to bother . . . PCN answers the question in reviews of the latest books.
Routine Inquiries 22
Max (fix-it) Phillips leaves no micro unturned in his regular help spot. Just dump your baffles on him.
Microwaves 25
£5 tip? Thats what we pay for every helpful hint.
Clubnet 56
Places to go; people to meet. Check it out in our week-by-week guide to clubs and user groups.
Datelines 56
Days to remember in our list of coming events, both home and abroad.
PCN ProgramCards 63
Cut out and keep new programs for your Spectrum and BBC. Unique listings that you build into a handy software library.
Databasics 73
All you need to know about software in this easy-to-follow buyer's guide.
PCN Billboard 83
Free reader's advertisements - swop, sell or buy.
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