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  A selection of programs for computers or emulators.  
Some of my own programs, some from books and magazines.
Programs are supplied in tape or disk image formats for a variety of emulators. If written in a version of BASIC they are accompanied by a listing in pdf form.
Some of these programs are simple, others more complex. They have been chosen as they are typical of those written in the early days of home computers.
If you would like me to add a program please let me know. It should be one of your own or it must be already in the public domain and with the author's name.
The listings for Commodore programs in BASIC were produced using my own software which converts display symbols to words. Click here for details.
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Bob Mockford Online
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Please read these notes . . . . .
To the best of my knowledge the software provided here is already in the public domain. That is, it has previously been published in printed form. In the case of my own work, this is the first time it has been made available.
Zip files containing these programs can be downloaded in a selection of formats for use with a variety of emulators.
Programs written in Basic are accompanied by a listing. These are in pdf format.
The programs provided are generally from magazines from the early 1980s. In some cases I have made alterations, either for effect or to enable their use with emulators. The aim is to give a flavour of the software being written, often by amateurs, at the time. There are other sites which have commercial software to download.
If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to mail me.
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