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The most usual way to load software was from cassettes.
The Acorn Data Recorder connects to an Electron or BBC via a cable with a 7-pin DIN plug at each end. This allows the motor to be controlled by software and there is a switch to select manual or computer control.
This Acorn cassette deck is similar to the BBC badged cassette recorder. Unlike the top example, this version does not have a control switch but does have volume and tone controls. To fast-forward or re-wind the tape, the plug must be removed from the data recorder. A jack-plug needs to be inserted in the earphone socket to mute the noise from data while loading.
A more common five pin lead can be used with a regular cassette player, the tape being controlled manually.
Disk drives could be added to all BBC models but required the installation of a chip containing a disk operating system. The Pace disk drive takes its power from the Beeb's take-off socket under the psu. It can be switched between 40 and 80 tracks.
The popular Cumana disk drive. This has a built-in psu and connects to the mains.
Cumana twin drive. Each drive can be set to 40 or 80 tracks.
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