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Shore Road and The Rising Sun pub
Postcode SO31 9HW
On the left bank of the river Hamble, opposite Hamble, the main part of the village is up a hill from the river.
Buses First
Cafes ---
Ferries Hamble-Warsash Ferry
Local ---
Shops Warsash Road
Toilets Warsash Road and Shore Road car park.
Trains Hamble, Bursledon, Swanwick .
Where next?
Lower Swanwick    
Meon Shore    
Facilities may not always be available.
The Clock Tower in the village   The harbour at Shore Road   The shore at Hook Spit   The path to Lower Swanwick    
Where next? Click a location to go there. Distances are estimated.
Lower Swanwick 2.83mi / 4.55km - from the clock tower, go down Shore Road and Passage Lane, then along the footpath beside the car park. The path passes the ferry to Hamble and winds round alongside the river, ending at Universal Marina. There is a marked walk-way across the marina and the river path continues to Swanwick Shore Road. At the end of this road, turn left on to Bridge Road A27 and Lower Swanwick.
This is an uneven path, liable to flooding on and after spring tides and after heavy or prolonged rain. There is an alternative road route via Sarisbury.
Meon Shore 4.17mi / 6.71km - From the clock tower, go down Newtown Road and look for the entrance to Strawberry Field on the right. Go across the park and turn left on to the path at the bottom. (You can instead go from the clock tower down Shore Road and turn left down to the Rising Sun and left on to the path at the bottom of Strawberry Field). Follow this path, passing the Maritime Academy to the shore. Turn left along the beach to Meon Shore. The shore at Solent Breezes is difficult, being covered by rocks and the remains of failed sea defences. At high tide, the sea covers the entire shore at this point.
This route along the beach should only be used at low tide and cliff falls are possible. An alternative path (The Solent Way) is shown on maps, following the shore although going inland at Solent Breezes. I have not checked it.
Meon Shore 5.16mi / 8.30km - from the clock tower, go along Warsash Road. Follow this road, bearing right at the junction of Locks Road (1.24mi / 2.00km), all the way to Common Lane (2.33mi / 3.75km) which is on the right. Go down Common Lane and turn right in to Posbrook Lane. Stay on this road as it winds its way to Meon Shore, changing name to Triangle Lane and later Meon Road. Most of the route from Posbrook Lane onwards is on roads with no footpath.
Sarisbury 1.73mi / 2.78km - from the clock tower, go along Brook Lane to the junction with Barnes Lane. Turn left and continue on this road to the A27 Bridge Road at Sarisbury. (Continuing down the hill brings you to Lower Swanwick).
Titchfield 3.22mi / 5.18km - from the clock tower, go along Warsash Road. Follow this road, bearing right at the junction of Locks Road (1.24mi, 2.00km), all the way to Common Lane (2.33mi / 3.75km) which is on the right. Go down Common Lane which becomes Coach Hill. Turn left in to South Street for the village centre. Turning right in to Bridge Street takes you towards Stubbington avoiding the village centre.
Other routes
From the clock tower to the beach there are several possible routes:
down Shore Road, turn left to the Rising Sun, then left along the path passing Strawberry Field and the maritime academy.
down Newtown Road, turn right in to and across Strawberry Field, left on to the path passing the maritime academy.
down Newtown Road, past Strawberry Field, turn right along the path beside the maritime academy, turn left on to the path to the beach.
down Newtown Road, passing the maritime academy, over Hook Lake, up the hill, turn right to the path through the nature reserve (Hook Park Road).
The entrances to Strawberry Field, the maritime academy path and the nature reserve path are not easy to see. The paths can be muddy.
Hamble - by ferry (mornings and afternoons only). At busy times, the ferry runs continuously but in less busy periods and particularly in the winter you may need to phone. The service may be suspended in bad weather including rain. Please check the current hours of operation before travelling. There is a pontoon for all sailings on the Hamble side but only at high tide on the Warsash side. At other times you will need to walk along the hard which can be slippery. A water taxi is also available.
The ferry leaving the end of the hard at Warsash.
Hamble-Warsash Ferry
BBC Tides - Warsash
Tide Times - Warsash
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