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1-BWO-720 (B) 1987 DAF / Van Hool A120/31.
  A Weyn & Zonen (Kemzeke near Sint Niklaas, Belgium). Contractor for the then national bus company NMVB. Registration GXA-314. Fleet number 270139. Passed to De Lijn on the break up of the national company in 1991. Used as a school bus from 2003. To Verbeke Foundation in 2008 for preservation. To NostalBus in 2011. Restored to NMVB colours. Registrations generally stay with the owner rather than the vehicle, so this bus may have carried others between the original GXA-314 and the current 1-BWO-720.
Beer & Buses 2019        
123 BYE 06 (F) see 337 AOW
8227 (GBG) see YFO 127
J 6986 (GBJ) see 724 XUW
J 8588 (GBJ) see AJB 635
80-DL-729 (IRL) see WDS 291V
GB-21-07 (P) see KSV 102
no registration Tram 11
  1924 Brill 21E trucks - SCT body (1925). Southampton Corporation 11 (originally 3)
Southampton City Heritage Days 2015 Heritage Days 2016    
no registration Tram 13
  1903 British Electric chassis, 53 seat open top body and truck. Westinghouse electrical equipment. Portsdown and Horndean Light Railway. (Provincial Tramways Company). Line operated from 1903 to 1935. Body used as a summer house until 1973. Replica truck and controls made during restoration.
Wicor 2017        
no registration Tram 38
  1903 open-top body by Hurst Nelson & Co, Motherwell. Truck was Brill 21E. Electrical equipment by Westinghouse. Rebuilt c.1913. Southampton Corporation 38. Withdrawn 1948. Truck and body sold separately.
Heritage Days 2015        
no registration Tram 89
  1920 Brill 21E trucks - English Electric body. Southampton Corporation 89.
Southampton City        
no registration Tram 715
  1935 tram, updated at various times. Lisbon 715 - Company originally British owned, finally owned by Carris. Could be made operational but is not the same guage as the Southampton trams.
Heritage Days 2015        
unknown Open-top
  Hants & Dorset
Hants/Wilts & Dorset        
unknown Bristol FLF with ECW body.
  Bristol Omnibus Co. Bristol FLF outbound on Gloucester Road, Bristol in the late 1960s.
Various Others        
unknown Dennis Loline III / Weymann.
  Aldershot & District
Winchester 2004        
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