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Sunday 21st of July 2019.
47 Photos
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Alton Bus Rally
& Running Day 2019
Sunday 21st July 2019
The annual Alton Bus Rally at Anstey Park, Alton.
With a large display of buses and frequent local journeys, this event is one of the most popular.
It also features classic cars and commercial vehicles.
Here are 47 photos on two pages, taken at the park and out on the road.
Main photo:
Aldershot & District GOU 845.
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GOU 845 - Aldershot & District
POR 428 - Aldershot & District
SOU 465 - Aldershot & District
462 EOT - Aldershot & District
488 KOT - AQldershot & District
CJH 141V - Alder Valley
HCD 449 - Southdown
409 DCD - Southdown
PPM 210G - Southdown
UUF 110J - Southdown
5677 EL - Hants & Dorset
BFX 666T - Wilts & Dorset
1013 MW - Silver Star
UOU 419H - King Alfred
KPM 91E - Brighton & Hove
837 SUO - Western National
HTA 844N - Western National
VDV 122S - Southern National
UWV 614S - Rail River Link
MXX 463 - London Transport
ALM 37B - London Transport
CUV 317C - Brighton & Hove
EPD 543V - London & Country
SN51 SYS - London United
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