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Railwayman Statue, Leigh Road Pedestrian Precinct
Postcode SO50 9FL
Eastleigh provides many route options, as well as direct routes to Lakeside Country Park and the Airport, and to Fair Oak via Bishopstoke. From the town centre I often go up Leigh Road or Derby Road and round Fleming Park. From there I can choose to go up Nightingale Avenue and down Chestnut Avenue, directly to Stoneham Lane or back to Southampton Road before continuing to the airport, Lakeside or Swaythling.
Buses Bluestar and First and Unilink and Xelabus
Cafes Yes
Ferries ---
Local Eastleigh Museum and The Point
Shops Yes
Toilets ---
Trains Eastleigh
Where next?
Facilities may not always be available.
The Point, Theatre and Arts   Recreation Ground   Market Day in Leigh Road   The Swan Shopping Centre    
Where next? Click a location to go there. Distances are estimated.
Direct routes
Airport 1.47mi / 2.37km - via Southampton Road and Wide Lane A335.
Bishopstoke 0.69mi / 1.11km - over the railway lines via Bishopstoke Road B3037.
Lakeside 1.36mi / 2.19km - via Southampton Road and Wide Lane A335. Turn right at the signs for Lakeside.
Fleming Park   St Nicolas Church
    Stoneham Lane
Other routes - I often use these routes to increase the distance.
Lakeside and the Airport can be reached by various routes such as: Leigh Road or Derby Road then Passfield Avenue and / or Fleming Park to Magpie Lane or Nightingale Avenue / Chestnut Avenue, and then Stoneham Lane. The entrance to Lakeside Country Park is on the left at the point where Stoneham Lane divides, the old road to Swaythling on the right. There is a pedestrian crossing here.
Turning right into Stoneham Lane by the crossing takes you to Swaythling, passing St Nicolas Church and Eastleigh football stadium. This part of Stoneham Lane has no footpath and can flood after heavy or prolonged rainfall..
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