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Distances shown in these pages are for guidance only. Actual distances may vary.
GPS distances vary because of the way in which devices poll data.
Map distances vary according to the scale and number of measurement points.
Distances and totals in miles and kilometres may not exactly match because of rounding.
It is important to wear shoes that suit your style of walking/running. Saving money may lead to injury, but spending large sums on looks won't give you any extra speed or endurance.
The way your foot hits the ground and what happens next (pronation) affects whether you need neutral, under- or over-pronation footwear. There is plenty of information online or ask at a good sportswear store. Find a shoe that suits you and stick with it. Replace shoes before they wear out and watch for internal wear which can lead to blisters.
I wear down the inner sole under my big toe. I buy a shoe half a size bigger than for street use and wear a trainer sock inside a regular one. Since doing this I have not had many blisters and have reduced (but not stopped) toe-nail loss.
Your resting and working heart rates and blood pressure depend on your age, level of fitness and general condition. Everyone is different, I may not be typical (I'm probably not!). If you have any medical condition or concern about your health or fitness, or are starting new exercise, please consult your doctor.
I regularly walk up to 20 miles. I walk naturally at 4mph and often average 4.75mph. I also like to run for short distances. Remember, I've been exercising like this for many years but I have no fitness qualification and no medical knowledge. I still pick up injuries.
Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Even in cold weather you lose water. Get dehydrated and not only will your performance suffer, you could do real harm. Wear layers so that you can adjust to changing temperatures.
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Postcodes are shown to enable map searches and are chosen at random from those used in each area.
Accuracy varies, some postcodes cover a large area.
Routes shown are suggestions only. Other routes will be available.
Some routes may not be suitable for everyone, for instance routes with steep hills or roads with no footpath. Certain routes include paths which may be uneven and may become overgrown, muddy or flooded. Some are not suitable for cycling. Where routes use a beach, please check tides and seek local knowledge. The beaches on my routes are difficult in places.
When walking or running on roads with no footway, please remember that you are a road user just as if you were driving or cycling. There are rules to be followed and courtesies to be given.
Normally you should walk or run on the right, facing oncoming traffic. There may be situations where it is safer to walk on the left but you should cross back to the right as soon as possible. If with someone, stay one behind the other not side by side.
Don't wear headphones. I often find people coming towards me on the wrong side of the road, listening to music or doing something with their phone. They don't see me coming and have no idea what's behind them.
Vehicles often travel at speed on country lanes and drivers don't always give you much room. They're sometimes happy to spray you with water. You need your ears and your eyes open.
Transport options and facilities listed at the locations may change.
Information in this section is given in good faith but should not be relied upon.
Please check before travelling.
Keep It Fun!  
The great outdoors is there for our enjoyment (unless it's where you work). Walking and running should be fun. If you want to compete, good for you. Personally I only compete with myself. And I don't always win. Sometimes I push myself, sometimes I just take it easy.
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