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A New FoKAB New Year Running Day
On the 1st of January 2016, FoKAB provided transport for the Worthy Winchester Hash House Harriers.
It was decided to add a couple of buses and to run a number of service routes.
The result was an excellent mini-running day, despite the weather turning wet.
The buses used were WCG 104, 596 LCG and UOU 417H.
In addition, Mervyn's Coaches ran three round-trips with Bedford OB coach HOD 75, raising money for Naomi House.
WCG 104 returning to the Broadway from Sparsholt.
WCG 104 heading for Sparsholt. And Sparsholt again.   A 3 to Stanmore for a change.
A photo opportunity at Sparsholt. A different angle.   Just time for one last 3 to Stanmore.
596 LCG on a 16 to Oliver's Battery. And now an 18 to Springvale.   Time for photos at Springvale.
596 returns to the Broadway. Time to pick up the Harriers.   The day is over, time to go home.
UOU 417H at Harestock . . . . . . and at Crawley . . .   . . . in the rain.
A quick turn-round in the Broadway . . . . . . and a run out to Owslebury.    



Mervyn's Coaches HOD 75.      
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