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Ryde 22.05.16
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Sunday 22nd of May 2016.
A visit to the Isle of Wight Bus Museum in Ryde. A bus and coach running day with tours and local rides, including visiting buses.
The Isle of Wight
Bus Museum
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GDL 764
1950 Leyland Titan PD2 of Seaview Services.
Sunday 22nd May 2016
A frequent service operated between the bus museum and the Isle of Wight Steam Railway at Haven Street station.
There was also a service between the museum and the bus station.
Additional excursions were provided and I took the opportunity to take a ride to Seaview and back on GDL 764. This 1950 Leyland Titan of Seaview Services is one of my childhood memories of Ryde. This was my first chance to enjoy this bus. The current owner was on board to explain the history of the bus, the company and the route.
The old Seaview Services bus stop on Ryde Esplanade.
The old Seaview Services bus stop on Ryde Esplanade.
On the old toll road between Springvale and Seaview.
FDL 927D
At Haven Street station.
TDL 563K
At Haven Street station.
KDL 202W
At Pell Estate.
136 NOU
The Paris Renault.
HDL 279
Southern Vectis Bristol LL5G.
NDL 637M
Solent Blue Line Bristol VRT.
SDL 268
Southern Vectis Bristol LD6G.
DDL 50
Southern Vectis Bristol K5G.
GXX 785
Yes, rides in a tow truck!
Southern Railway No. 11
Arriving at Haven Street from Wootton.
Southern Railway No. 11
Taking on water.
British Railways 41298
Leaving Haven Street for Wootton.
CDL 479C
Southern Vectis Bristol FLF6G.
FLJ 538
Southern Vectis Bristol K5G.
ODL 400
Moss Motor Tours Bedford SB3.
SDL 638J
Southern Vectis Bristol VRT.
NG 1109
1931 Reo GE Type.
FDL 676
Southern Vectis Bedford OB.
Ryde St John's Road Station
A short walk from the museum.
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