Bus Photos - RYDABUS Weekend, 21 May 2017
Ryde 21.05.17
Isle of Wight
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Sunday 21st of May 2017.
Isle of Wight Bus Museum
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HDL 279 - Southern Vectis 835
835 is seen passing under the railway bridge at Havenstreet station on the way to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. HDL 279 is a 1951 Bristol LL5G with ECW body.
Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight Bus Museum
Sunday 21st of May
RYDABUS was the branding of Southern Vectis bus services in the Ryde area during the 1970s.
Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of May 2017, the Isle of Wight Bus Museum ran services over some of these routes as well as the former Seaview Services route to Seaview.
Services ran from the museum to Havenstreet for the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, to the Pell Estate, to Binstead, to Seaview via Haylands and to the Westridge Leisure Centre.
There were additional journeys to the Brading Station Heritage Exhibition and Historic Ryde Tours.
I had a very enjoyable day out on a warm, sunny Sunday.
Southern Vectis
CDL 899 - Southern Vectis 702
In Ryde.
DDL 50 - Southern Vectis 703
In Ryde.
CAP 234 - Southern Vectis 903
Leaving the bus museum.
HDL 279 - Southern Vectis 835
Leaving the IOW Steam Railway
SDL 268 - Southern Vectis 563
In Ryde.
YDL 315 - Southern Vectis 570
Leaving the bus museum.
CDL 479C - Southern Vectis 611
At Binstead.
FDL 927D - Southern Vectis 806
Leaving the bus museum.
HDL 25E - Southern Vectis 810
In Ryde.
SDL 638J - Southern Vectis 628
In Ryde.
TDL 563K - Southern Vectis 863
At the bus museum.
NDL 637M - Southern Vectis 637
In Ryde (as Solent Blue Line 37).
KDL 202W - Southern Vectis 202
At Pell Estate, Ryde.
G526 VYE - Southern Vectis 817
In Ryde.
K743 ODL - Southern Vectis 743
Between Seaview and Springvale.
R741 XRV - Southern Vectis 641 / 4641
In Ryde.
Other Operators
241 SFM - Seaford & District.
In Ryde. Was Crosville SSG668.
519 SLG - W. H. Fowler (Spalding).
Leaving the bus museum.
DHC 784E - Seaford & District
At the museum. (Was Eastbourne).
FWC 439H - Eastern National 1516
Arriving at Havenstreet.
NUD 105L - City of Oxford 105 / 315
In Ryde.
BFX 666T - Wilts & Dorset 3413
In Ryde.
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