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Issue 107 - April 20th 1985
Print Power 26
What to look for when buying a printer; the pros and cons of dot matrix, daisywheel and thermal; value for money - all this and more in our buyer's guide to hard copy output.
Amstrad action 10
A golden oldie from the days of arcadia - Centipede in colour with sound.
Spectrum sprites 15
More info on using sprite graphics with your Sinclair.
Comms for beginners 16

What you need to start and why you'd want to in the first place. Surya leads in to our new weekly communications column.

Commodore conversion 21
Moving programs from disk to tape can be a chore. This utility will take some of the pain away. (It also works on PETs!)
64 Mouse 32
It started with big business systems then the BBC Micro grew one; now you can get one for your 64. It's a mouse, the trendy way to control your computer. We examine the latest.
BBC words 46
Wordwise quickly established itself as one of the Beeb's best word processors. How does its successor, Wordwise Plus, shape up?
Win a Spectrum 44
Another great bundle of freebies, courtesy of Sinclair and PCN. This week we're offering two Sinclair Plusses with expansion packs with runners-up prizes of software. And winning it couldn't be easier. Check it out . . .
Monitor 1
Spring growth for Enterprise; Dragon breaths again at 6809 Show; national Elite championships; disabled youngsters and computers; IBM puts the frighteners on US.
PCN Charts 5
Random Access 7
Your opportunity to sound off - let it all rip here and you could pick up £15 for your trouble.
Microwaves 6
Hints, tips and handy routines for the popular computers.
Dungeon 23
Two new adventures for the 64 - one worth seeking out; the other worth avoiding.
Workbench 24
A printers' extra - build a centronics interface for your Commodore 64.
Software Pre-View 36
An advance look at new software titles.
Billboard 47
The first choice for bargain hunters - and the most economical place to sell because it's free.
Quit 52
Mysterious happenings in Portugal lead our off-beat view of the computing industry.
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