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Issue 106 - April 6th 1985
First the good news, a happy Easter to all of you. The bad news is you'll have to live without us for a week. Because of the problems caused by the Bank Holiday weekend we've had to drop next week's issue. Anyway, why shouldn't we have a holiday too? To compensate we've made this issue a bit bigger, and issue 107 will be worth the wait. We'll have a special feature on printers, and we'll show you how to build a printer interface for your 64, plus a great Spectrum competition. So don't miss it.
ATARI bandwagon rolls 2
The new 16-bit Atari machines look set to put Atari back in the big league. We report the latest details on the machines, with a special look at the GEM operating system, and reveal the groundswell of support that's already building.
MEMOTECH assembler 10
All right, Memotech owners - we've put our money where our mouth is and come up with a superb feature on MTX code. If you want to learn machine assembler, this is for you.
SPECTRUM utility 18
Easier programming with this Trace utility.
64 and ATARI disk aids 21

Help at hand for disk drive owners.

Computer on your wrist 33
A micro, micro, microcomputer from Seiko. Is this miniaturisation gone mad?
Basic of the future 50
Microsoft's latest Basic for the Macintosh wins high praise from Software Editor Bryan Skinner. One day, he says, all Basics will be like this (we hope!).
QL Forth 52
More language developments for Sinclair's latest black box.
£1,000 competition 46
We're giving away two Penman plotters and runners-up prizes worth a total of £1,000 in this free, easy-to-enter competition. Have a go . . .
Monitor 1
Argus tightens Quicksilva reins, this page; Commodore looks for Amiga break, page 3; UK firm makes Apple/IBM breakthrough, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
The first - and still the best - software chart.
Random Access 7
High praise for Sir Clive, and other readers' opinions.
Routine Enquiries 8
Microwaves 9
Dungeon 28
More adventure in the vaults of PCN Towers.
Software Pre-View 38
Gameplay 41
Billboard 54
Quit 60
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