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Issue 105 - March 30th 1985
UK v Japan Ltd 2
With the best of the Japanese MSX standard still to come, the UK manufacturers are moving to meet the threat. Shielded by the armour-plating of the Think Tank, a secret committee has been meeting since last September to work out Britain's response. Read about it first in PCN.
Microdrives Mastered 10
Part two of our in-depth guide to using Microdrives with your QL. Gavin Monk leads you by the hand . . .
SPECTRUM puzzle 15
Type in this listing and test your wits against this two dimensional mind-twister.
Hacker's Handbook 20

Now you've got your modem, software and micro, what can you do with them? Part two of our extract from The Hacker's Handbook talks about which computers will talk to yours.

Workbench 24
Welcome to a new regular section of PCN. Now you've spent endless hours learning about software, why not learn about hardware? Beginning this week PCN will take you gently into the world of chips, circuits and soldering irons, tackling a range of useful projects along the way.
DEMON demonstration 28
More on modems - the cheapest model available represents outstanding value. How does the Demon (nee Unicom) shape up?
O is for OMNIREADER 30
Teach your computer to read with a new add-on that allows direct reading from written material.
Musical MACINTOSH 41
After Macintosh graphics comes Macintosh sound. Apple's eyecatching baby turns out to be well worth a listen.
SPECTRUM network 43
Communications software takes your Spectrum a step up the ladder.
Monitor 1
IBM calls it a day in home micros, this page; UK gears up to take on MSX, page 2; Modem maker OEL falls out, page 3; and Lynx stages another comeback, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
The rise and fall of your favourite games, charted in Britain's best software charts.
Random Access 7
The last word on CMOS 6502s, and a Dragon owner bytes back.
Routine Enquiries 8
More problems solved by our panel of experts.
Microwaves 9
Useful hints and tips for your Amstrad, BBC and Atmos.
Dungeon 22
Take a trip up the Amazon on your Commodore 64, or travel through time.
Software Pre-View 32
Gameplay 34
The latest in destructive creativity for Spectrum, 64 and Amstrad.
Billboard 47
Quit 52
Words of wisdom and meaningful dates for your diary.
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