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Issue 104 - March 23rd 1985
The Hacker's Handbook 10
Hackers, once simply computer enthusiasts, are now tarred with the brush of illegality. However, computer communications is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime in its legitimate form. This week we offer the first of two extracts from The Hacker's Handbook, which will give you some idea of what you can do with your micro, a modem and a telephone.
64 sprite control 14
Setting up and using sprites on your Commodore 64 can be a chore in Basic. We take the pain away with an easy-to-use machine code program.
QL Microdrives 18

Get to the heart of Microdriving with the first section of PCN's two-part explanation of how to get the most from QL storage.

Osborne's latest 24
From the father of portable computing comes a new business machine. How does it compare in a fast-moving sector of the computing market?
Spectrum disks 28
Fast, mass-storage disk systems for the Spectrum are coming up faster than spring flowers. Check out the latest, the Discovery from Opus.
BBC art master 42
Graphics at your fingertips with a new, creative package for the Model B micro.
Monitor 1
Dragon flexes its muscles again, this page; Wren finds a new nest, page 2; Ace support battles against the odds, page 3; Softek sets artistic style for Spectrum owners, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Softaid holds on to the number one spot - how have the others fared?
Routine Enquiries 5
More micro problems solved by our resident experts.
Random Access 6
Get out your pens or printers and unburden yourself on our letters page.
Microwaves 7
How to win friends, influence people and earn money - share your hints and tips here.
Dungeon 27
Sub-titled Brig this week, as our adventure page takes to the high seas.
Software Pre-View 37
Games on the way for all the main machines.
Gameplay 34
If you can't try before you buy, take the next best thing - our regular software reviews.
Billboard 40
Sales without the jumble on our bargain basement page.
Quit 44
Corny Acorn tales, Laughline result and dates for your diary.
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