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Issue 103 - March 16th 1985
Graphically speaking 10
Get into graphics in a big way with our exclusive feature on illustrations for the Apple, Atari and Commodore 64. With the aid of a graphics tablet, you too can test your artistic talents and prove there's more to micro power than a fast trigger finger.
GRADUATE honours 18
Torch's Graduate aims to bring the Beeb up to IBM status. But does it win its degree? Read on.
Ring around the QL 21

Run rings around your QL with these routines to create a wealth of abstract patterns.

SPECTRUM screen show 24
Put your Spectrum in the picture with this useful routine which gives you screen dumps of your favourite games via the RS232 interface.
Do-Ra-Me BBC 37
Computer composing made easy with the Music 500, a tuneful add-on for your Beeb.
Quilled companion 48
Add another feather to your adventuring cap with The Illustrator, Gilsoft's pictorial cousin to the Quill. We try it out.
Monitor 1
Prism products on the way home, this page; DR and Microsoft limber up, page 2; QL silicon disk looms, page 3; coming soon in the software stakes, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Which game has shot to the top of our exclusive charts?
Random Access 7
A whole page for you to air your quibbles and award your kudos.
Routine Enquiries 8
Give your bleary eyes a break from that problem and consult our resident experts.
Microwaves 9
Dungeon 34
The hero returns in the Empire of Karn - but should he have bothered?
Software Pre-View 41
Gameplay 44
We look at the latest releases for the Commodore 64, Spectrum, BBC/Electron and the Amstrad.
Billboard 52
The best of the bargains.
Quit 56
Dates for your diary and witicisms for your waking hours.
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