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Issue 97 - February 2nd 1985
The spiralling price war between Sinclair and Acorn threatens to drag all micro manufacturers into another damaging price-tag battle, from which the only winner will be the end user.
Going underground with a 64 12
We're proud to present the first part of Crazy Caverns, an arcade style games listing for the Commodore 64, written by Tony Crowther of Potty Pigeon and Suicide Express fame.
BBC out and about 16
We'll show you how to use your Casio pocket computer as a remote terminal for your Beeb.
Spectrum graphics creations 18
Our Screenart utility will have you drawing away merrily on your Spectrum.
64 down to business 22
Serious upgrade possibilities for the Commodore 64: how much of a professional system can it be made into?
Brother's Law 24
Two latest releases from Brother: the BP30 graph plotter and TC600 Teleprocessor.
QL disk 29
Cambridge Systems Technology goes further along the road to making the Sinclair QL what it was always intended to be.
Gameplay 31
Our experts take on the challenge of another week's games for the popular micros, weeding out the good 'uns from the outright rubbish.
Pascal fruits 38
The Amstrad comes further of age with Amsoft's Pascal 4T package, a Pascal compiler.
Monitor 1
Price war flares up, this page; Oric uber alles, page 2; Basicode faces BBC axe, page 3; EML aims high with Nimbus, page 4; Home Front spells out the BBC's micro message, page 5.
PCN Charts 5
We list the best selling games software of the week, plus machine sales charts.
Random Access 7
Routine Enquiries 9
Microwaves 10
Your programming hints and tips aired for all.
Dungeon 21
A flying visit to Upper Gumtree, the setting for Richard Shepherd's latest adventure game.
Software Pre-View 37
News of the latest software to arrive at PCN's offices, and some recommendations.
Billboard 43
Unwanted Christmas pressies amicably disposed of or acquired - in our free service.
Quit/datelines 44
All the gossip that's fit to print, plus PCN's datelines for what's on both here and overseas.
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