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Issue 94 - January 12th 1985
Enterprise at last 24
It's been a long time coming but the Enterprise is now in the shops. When it was announced in the distant past, it soundedlike the ultimate machine - how does it stand up to the competition now? Find out in our full review of one of the first production models.
SPECTRUM Castle 12
Everybody's favourite, ugly hero is back in this version of Hunchback for the Spectrum. Could be a real bell-ringer.
QL Collection 15
This batch of routines and utilities could make life easier for the QL Basic programmer.
64 in Space 22
Don your jetpack and do battle with a number of alien miscreants in this animated game.
Oric Paintbox 30
Machine code routines to spruce up your graphics - and you don't need a paint brush to get you going.
COMMODORE compatibility 33
The Comprint interface links your Commodore 64 to an Epson printer. The slot-in device offers all the gizzmos and gadgets you'd expect - for less cash.
BBC catches a mouse 34
With this add-on from AMS, the BBC becomes the first home computer to boast a mouse. But get a load of the software . . .
IBM under new management 42
QED checked out - will it put your life in order?
Monitor 1
Oric distances itself from UK, page 1; Hot gossip on Acorn, Commodore and Sinclair, page 2; Atari takes on the Liliputians, page 3; ACT spreads its wings, page 4; and Home Front, page 5.
PCN Charts 5
See who scored in the Christmas contest.
Random Access 7
Your opinions and a chance to earn £15.
Routine Enquiries 9
Whatever your problem, we can help. Just ask . . .
Microwaves 10
Shortcuts and sanity savers from the most intelligent readers in the business. (That means you.)
Dungeon 32
Once more we free the resident troll to bring you the latest adventure news. Read it by lamplight.
Gameplay 38
Go ahead . . . kill something.
Billboard 40
So Santa didn't bring you that computer? Buy it here.
Quit 48
We know the jokes are bad, we're resigned to it (geddit???).
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