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Issue 92 - December 22nd 1984
Turkey-shoot 34
It's Christmas Night. The log of the Conqueror crackles in the grate. Old Uncle Clive has crashed after one sherry too many, and cousin Jack from America is flicking acorns at his nose. A new star rises in the east . . . what can it be? Yes, the winners of the PCN Golden Turkey Awards of 1984!
3D BBC 12
Add 3D line drawings to your reprtoire of Beeb graphics programs with these annotated routines.
QL headers 16
More kudos to your QDOS with some hints on making better use of headers on the QL.
COMMODORE poker 18
Take on your 64 at cards with this version of Poker Solitaire.
Animated SPECTRUM 20
You can store enough frames to produce some spectacular animated sequences with machine code and Basic routines.
AMSTRAD stretch 22
Print double height characters on the screen in your games or in more serious applications.
ATARI attraction 24
Tap in this game and learn a bit more about some aspects of two programming features.
CORTEX kit 26
Whether you buy the kit or the ready-built version, the Cortex 2 out-benchmarks the competition. However, the machine is still something of a challenge to take on, says Brendin Lewis.
SHINWA switchability 41
The CPA-80 printer has a range of features that would grace a more expensive machine.
64 sound master 47
Music Master turns your computer into an electronic music synthesiser and teaches you about music into the bargain.
Monitor 1
Lynx - fresh tracks discovered, this page; Commodore treads the IBM path, page 2; Toshiba price cuts set cat among pigeons, page 3; Christmas 1984 - the last micro boom? page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Which games will be spilling out of the nation's Christmas stockings?
Random Access 7
Hot views from our readers.
Routine Enquiries 9
Solve your programming problems by consulting our experts.
Microwaves 10
PCN's readers make friends and influence people when they send in their hints and tips. The £10 reward can't come amiss either.
Dungeon 37
On the eigth day of Christmas why not get stuck into an adventure?
Gameplay 43
Billboard 48
Pre-Christmas bargains.
Quit/Datelines 52
PCN signs off for this year, and looks forward to the next.
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