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Issue 90 - December 8th 1984
Racing games 22
A round-up of the best 3D racing simulators for all the poular micros - plus a chance to win a trip to London and take on former world champion James Hunt at one of the latest, Turbo 64.
Peripheral Buyer's Guide 29
Everything you want to know about sticking things into your micro - modems, monitors, disks, light pens, long knives . . .
Interrupted SPECTRUM 12
Machine code interrupts are one of the most powerful programming techniques. This article shows you how to master them.
Knight shift 16
Our new monthly computer chess feature continues with news of the latest products and an in-depth look at a recent game.
64 symphony 18
Add a professional touch to your music programming with this tuneful machine code utility.
Hard touch 27
Bypass the keyboard with Touchmaster - a new 'point and tell' input device for a range of home computers.
The PHILIPS bigger portable 38
Full review of the superfast Philips P2000C with twin processors plus an advanced look at the new 16-bit board that takes it up the league.
Monitor 1
Spectrum Plus shortage looms, this page; more disks for Spectrum, page 2; Acorn moves to home cintrol, page 3; Atari bares its teeth, page 4; and Home Front, page 5.
PCN Charts 5
Keep track of your favourites in Britain's only weekly computer games charts.
Random Access 7
Your letters wanted on any subjected related to computing, with £15 to the best of the week.
Routine Enquiries 8
Gotta problem? We can probably tell you the answer. Hundreds of satisfied readers.
Microwaves 10
Hints, tips, routines and utilities here. It could be the solution you've been looking for.
Software Pre-View 42
PCN's software editor burrows out from the cassette and disk mountain to report on this week's arrivals.
Gameplay 46
PCN tests the latest releases for the popular micros.
Billboard 58
Dozens of bargain buys - and you could sell your unwanted equipment. It's all free.
Quit/Datelines 64
Where PCN is dragged away for another week, yelling idiocies, confessing errors, and hurling insults.
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