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Issue 89 - December 1st 1984
SPECTRUM disks 26
Everyone knows what a great machine the Spectrum is - but add a complete disk system . . . that's someting else. John Lettice examines the Timex disk drives and reaches some favourable conclusions.
Micro Buyer's Guide 29
Just in time for Christmas shopping, the opinionated PCN guide to the machines on the market. Check out 20 machines in the sub-£500 price bracket before making your choice - after all, you only want one turkey this Christmas.
BBC graphics 12
See what magic a little mathematical theory can work on your displays.
64 screen test 20
A superfast utility that allows multiple high resolution screens - just like that.
Oric shootout 23
Duck Shoot not only highlights some useful programming techniques, it's fun to play too.
Tiny OTRONA 38
Full IBM compatibility, twin disks, built-in screen, and up to 640K RAM may not sound small but then you haven't seen it. We size it up.
BBC Discmaster 55
A suite of disk utilities might make life a little easier. See what's in it for you.
Monitor 1
Reliability report shock, this page; silicon and Sands, page 2; Elite due for Spectrum, page 3; Victor rises from dead, page 4; Home Front, page 5.
PCN Charts 5
A new number 1 and several new entries as the Christmas games make an appearance.
Random Access 7
More thoughts from our erudite readers.
Routine Enquiries 9
The panel of experts solve a few more problems.
Microwaves 10
Hints, tips and helpful routines help you get more from your micro.
Dungeon 18
Another trip into the depths of the crypt in search of treasure, excitement and a good punch up.
Software Pre-View 42
The page to read to stay in touch with the software scene.
Gameplay 46
Another dozen releases come under the critical eye of the PCN reviewing team. No holds barred . . .
Billboard 57
Just the place to pick up a bargain, or make a bit of extra cash for Christmas.
Quit 64
Idiocy exposed - including ours, plus a few dates for your executive desktop appointments register.
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