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Issue 86 - November 10th 1984
QL Checkmate 18
Psion's new chess program for the QL is designed for home computers, but can compete with the best of the professionals. We offer an exclusive preview of what promises to be an exciting development for computer chess fans.
BBC's command performance 12
Add three extra commands to your Beeb with this program which uses only 1K of memory.
Circling around Amstrad 20
You can draw circles with your CPC 464, with this listing.
Going ape on Spectrum 24
Try your hand at wresting a fair maiden from the hands of a hairy ape in this challenging game for you to type in.
Surviving in the 64 jungle 28
Key in the second half of our dramatic adventure for the 64 and see if you have what it takes to survive in our jungle.
Spectrum's Vu-File unchained 33
Vu-File to run on your Microdrive with this easy program.
Weighing up the Zenith Z160 36
This latest addition from the Zenith stable could be a prize fighter in the portable IBM compatible market.
Multiple modem 41
The Telemod 3 comes with three speeds, auto and manual answer and that vital BT approval certificate. How does it rate against other modems?
Commodore conversation 45
Hook up the Voicemaster to your 64 and it will talk back to you.
Gameplay 53
Playing the game 58
Budding games designers could find help in the form of this package for the 64.
Spectrum with a C 63
Spectrum users can now use C language for their programs, with this version by Hisoft.
Monitor 0
Semi-official disk drives for the QL, this page; Acorn to launch music synthesiser for the BBC, page 2; Coleco Adam on offer at a bargain price, page 3; Boots' £120 disk drive, page 4; new weapon against the pirates, page 5.
PCN Charts 5
Check the latest movements in the weekly games chart.
Random Access 7
We want to hear from you - share your views with us and you could win £15 for the best letter.
Routine Enquiries 9
Solve your programming problems by consulting our experts.
Microwaves 10
Gotta a brainwave of a program?
Dungeon 35
Mike Gerrard tries to save the world from a group of Nazis.
Readout 48
Software Pre-View 51
Billboard 64
The long good buy.
Quit/Datelines 72
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