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Issue 84 - October 27th 1984
MSX lands at last 32
After all the waiting, is it worth it? We review two MSX machines - the Toshiba HX-10 and the Goldstar FC-2-- to see how they measure up against th (very competitively priced) BBC B and Amstrad.
BBC Gunslingers 12
For you-all who wanted another go at our real humdinger of a game, here's PCN's Old Western favourite, unveiled at the PCW show last month.
Window on RSX 18
Expand your Amstrad's horizons with these Resident System Extension routines.
Amstrad block and stripe 23
Colour in areas of the Amstrad screen independently of the window command, with colours not normally available in Basic. The routine is an easy introduction to ROM calls.
64 in the net 26
How to play the game (footie, of course) without getting cold and muddy.
Finding the Spectrum's shadow 30
With this routine you can locate the 8K Shadow ROM on your ZX Spectrum.
BBC camerawork 39
Add a second dimension to your BBC with the EVI snap camera, which displays your pictures on screen.
Spectrum sprinter 43
Challenge Research's tape deck promises to load commercial cassettes at four times normal speed.
Fast Interceptor 56
SupaBasic adds no fewer than 72 new keywords to the 64's Basic. Could it be a programmers' dream?
Gameplay 48
Our experts take on the challenge of another week's software releases for the Commodore 64, Spectrum, Vic 20 and Dragon.
Monitor 1
Spectrum Plus in the shops, this page; Exclusive - Elite rights for sale, page 2; RML cuts price of school micros, page 3; Dragon software bargains, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Is Daley's Decathlon still Britain's number 1 game?
Random Access 7
Let us hear your moans and praise about PCN or anything else.
Routine Inquiries 9
Our experts help solve your micro problems.
Microwaves 10
More helpful hints, tips and routines.
Dungeon 20
Our weekly column for all adventure-mad readers.
Readout 28
The pick of the bunch from PCN's book review shelves.
Software Preview 46
Spot the up-and-coming games in our weekly review of the latest titles.
Billboard 57
Have the pick of the bargains, or sell your unwanted micro in our free columns.
Quit 64
All the gossip that's fit to print, as well as PCN's datelines for what's on both here and overseas.
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