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Issue 82 - October 13th 1984
BBC Elite 47
PCN's writers have been fighting to play it. Find out what makes Acornsoft's space odyssey such a brilliant game.
Model B Modes 12
A superb graphics utility for your BBC gives on-screen control of colour and drawing facilities.
Atari graphics 18
Another powerful graphics tutorial explains how to make use of display list interrupts.
Amstrad Sprites 22
In part two of PCN's utility program for the Amstrad we take you further down the road to creating your own games.
Spectrum lister 26
Make sense of your listings with this program for Spectrum and Microdrives.
H-P's portable 32
The US giant steps into the portable arena with the stylish 110.
64 symphony 39
Music at your fingertips with a full piano ketboard that plugs into your Commodore.
Bigger Vic 43
The good old Vic hasn't the biggest memory in the world. Check out this expansion cartridge that solves that problem, and others too.
Apricot files 50
A new database system for ACT's glamorous micro offers a few new ideas on information management.
Spectrum kit 54
Ultrakit offers the Basic programmer a host of tools.
IBM ideas 56
Fresh from the US - the Ideas Processor makes some big claims.
Gameplay 47
Elite will make you drool with envy - but we've plenty of offerings for other machines.
Monitor 1
MSX rift opens, this page; Sharks in the Compunet Jungle, page 2; QL faces testing time, page 3; A shot in the Spectrum's arms, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Ups and downs in the micro-world as newcomers challenge your old favourites. It's Britains only weekly chart.
Random Access 7
Your letters - on any computer-related subject. And there's £15 in store for the week's best.
Microwaves 10
Hints and tips from the best brains in the country - PCN's readers.
Routine Enquiries 9
Whatever your problem, whatever your machine, PCN's team of experts is ready and waiting to come to the rescue.
Dungeon 30
Dragons, trolls, hobbits, deserted cities, vampire castles. All this and more in our weekly excursion into the adventure maze.
Software Pre-View 45
A sneak peek at what you can expect to see in your local software store 'real soon now'.
Billboard 58
The place to be for bargain hunters or traders in old micros.
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