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Issue 80 - September 29th 1984
Spectrum Wafadriven 42
Can Rotronics' Wafadrive do for the Spectrum what Ikon has done for the BBC with its Hobbit and Ultradrive storage units? There could be gold at the end of this rainbow.
64 tumbling dice 12
Try your hand at the ancient oriental game of Yahtzee and find out how many faces a six sided dice can have.
Graphic Spectrum 20
Give your Spectrum a touch of animation for those rainy days when it looks down in the dumps.
BBC saving grace 22
A program for you to type in to save variables that the BBC loses on a Break.
Vic 40 22
Is your Vic 20 lacking in character? Double the character height with this short program.
Oric Bach 26
We pull out all the stops to give your Oric an ear for good music.
QL compendium 30
What you need to know about the Sinclair QL, plus a routine to back-up Microdrives.
Compaq on top 32
Can the maker of the most successful IBM-compatible strike gold with its desktop version?
Phloopy for peanuts 38
A less expensive alternative to disks for the BBC - we run through the fast-tape Phloopy.
Spectrum education 48
Who better to guide you Into the Unknown than a group of teachers?
Coded Amstrad 50
We put the pieces of a new assembler/disassembler together for the Amstrad.
Gameplay 54
Our Star Game is Suicide Express for the Commodore 64, loose-shunting reviews of games for the BBC, Amstrad, Dragon and Spectrum.
Monitor 1
MSX - is it worth the wait, this page; Highlights of the PCW Show, pages 2 and 3; Stormy waters ahead for software pirates, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Ups and downs in games and machines, with a focus on Commodore and Spectrum.
Random Access 7
Get it off your chest with a letter to the UK's liveliest letters page.
Routine Inquiries 8
Pack your troubles off to us - we'll help sort them out.
Microwaves 10
Make a bit on the side if we print your tip in our round-up of hints.
Dungeon 18
Avoid Montezuma's revenge with our guide to Aztec Adventure.
Software Pre-View 46
Readout 58
More than a cursory glance at the latest hard-copy.
Billboard 60
The cheapest classifieds in town.
Quit/Datelines 64
Sir Clive's generous streak - read our exclusive report.
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