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Welcome to the new-look PCN - the most dramatic transformation since Clark Kent stepped into a telephone booth.

We've kept all your favourite features - the most up-to-date news pages in the business, the searching Pro-Tests of software, hardware and peripherals, your letters, hints and tips, and questions.
But we've added a lot too. You'll find more than a dozen pages every week of things to do on your machine. Every week we'll have something for Spectrum, Commodore and BBC owners. But loyalists of other machines aren't forgotten. Whether you're interested in personal computing for games, business or just for its own sake, PCN is the magazine to read.
Issue 79 - September 22nd 1984
Commodore 64 exposed 32
With lots of new machines getting all the press we thought it was time to look back at some old favourites. First under the spot-light is the Commodeore 64.
Spectrum adventure 12
A true epic for you to type in and play - The High Mountains. Danger, intrigue and heroism all play a part.
BBC Disk Doc 12
Take control of your disk drives with this feature-packed utility for the Model B Micro.
64 screen dump 26
Here's the answer to getting hard copy of your carefully designed high-resolution graphics.
Commodore colour 39
A new full-colour printer under review.
Spectrum joysticks 43
We test three programmable joystick interfaces and pick the best.
64 pilot 48
Give your 64 a new language - how about a powerful but easy to program Pilot? Check it out . . .
IBM Exchange 50
The famous QL bundled software now available for the famous office computer. How well has it stood the change?
Gameplay 52
PCN's new-look games pages with even more thrills and more information. This week we look at new offerings for Commodore 64, BBC, Spectrum and Amstrad.
Acorn steal the PCW show, this page; the best of the rest, page 2; Microfair report and View from Japan, page 3.
PCN Charts 5
The latest best-sellers in games and hardware with a new feature this week - the weekly top ten games for the Spectrum and the Commodore 64.
Random Access 6
Your letters - moans, groans, complaints or praise.
Routine Inquiries 8
Gotta problem? Get an answer from PCN's panel of experts.
Microwaves 10
Hints, tips and routines for the popular machines. £10 for each one published, with £50 for the best of the month.
The Dungeon 31
PCN's new weekly column for adventurers.
Software Pre-View 46
All the software releases to drop through PCN's letterbox this week.
Readout 58
Billboard 60
Quit 64
Industry idiocies, the great PCN Misprints and downright malicious gossip.
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