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Hands up! 24

The price and the size of portable computers are shrinking fast. You've got to hand it to Casio and Psion - they've both produced sub-£100 portable micros to fit in your fist.

Issue 78 - September 15th 1984
Monitor 2

Prices plummet, quality takes quantum leap in Mastertronic push, page 2; Law changes on Telecom attachments, page 3; Triptych boosts brain power, page 4; and Apple brings the Big Mac to the UK, page 6.

PCW Show 5
Do yourself a favour and join us at Olympia next week.
Random Access 7
Readers give their views on the microcomputing scene and we pay £10 to the best.
Routine Inquiries 10
Got a problem you just can't figure out? Cop some advice from PCN's team of experts.
PCN Charts 11
The ups and downs of the UK's favourite games and machines charted here.
Microwaves 15
Readers share their technical know-how and get a fiver for every hint in print.
Readout 16
Which books are worth paying good money for? Our reviewers pick four off the shelves.
Software Pre-View 33

The shape of things to come. We look at the new software before it arrives in the shops.

Billboard 42
And good buy to all that - microcomputing bargains on our secondhand page. Can you afford to miss it?
Quit/Datelines 48
An hilarious exit from the good humour page and a few dates for the diary.
Bank Raid 18
A hip-hop action game for you to type into your Spectrum.
Atari advice 22
Extend the range of your Atari with some sound advice and routines.
Daisy chain 28
Smith Corona's new daisywheel printer matches its low price and letter quality with user friendliness.
64 crayons 31
Colourful sketches on the Commodore 64 is the promise of Super Sketch.
Three's lucky 34
DBase III is smarter, friendlier and more accomplished than its famous sibling.
Amstrad 36
An original scenario and an addictive challenge both draw praise from two PCN gamesters.
Commodore 64 37
A potty action game and capers in Camelot.
Spectrum 40
Another set-back for the traditional English pub: dominoes for the Spectrum.
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