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ACT branches out 24

ACT has extended its Apricot family with three new machines - the F1, XI and the Apricot Portable. All machines are intercompatible, but ACT has resisted the lure of IBM compatibility. Ian Scales Pre-Tests the micros that could soon dominate the European business market.

Issue 76 - September 1st 1984
Monitor 2

The dust settles at Atari, page 2; Data Protection - micro users face government checks, page 3; Insurance company offers five-year cover for Commodore and Atari, page 4; and Rade Systems branches out, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Latest movers in the games arena, plus the best-selling machines.
Random Access 9
Readers' letters - and we pay £10 for the best.
Routine Inquiries 10
Problems solved here. This week: advice for Amstrad, Oric and BBC.
Microwaves 14
Hints and tips from our readers for the BBC, Amstrad, Memotech, QL and Spectrum machine code.
Readout 15
Give your trigger finger a rest and take a look at the new computer books. We pick the best of the bunch.
Software Pre-View 33

A taste of things to come where we look at the packages that arrived in PCN's office this week.

Billboard 44
Pick up a bargain, or find a buyer for your unwanted equipment. This week we've harvested a bumper crop.
Quit/Datelines 48
The bit at the back - essential reading for idiot watchers. Plus forthcoming computer events in Britain and around the world.
Adventures capital 18
Bob Chappell surveys seven new adventures that show how quickly this genre is coming of age.
Valuable variables 20
Has your BBC lost your variables? Well don't lose your head because Ian Copestake has a routine to help out.
Spectrum display 22
Make maximum use of the Spectrum's screen with this program that prints on the bottom two lines.
Dragon D-I-Y 28
Blow your own EPROMs eith this versatile programmer from Steve's Electronics.
The Connection Intelligent Paralell Interface does away with the compatibility problems that sour the lives of 64 and Vic 20 owners.
People's processor 34
Volkswriter promises to provide a simple but powerful word processor for the IBM PC, but does it deliver?
Colour a
The ever increasing range of graphics packages gains another member with Panorama (H). H as in high-resolution.
Spectrum 38
Who would you like to be today - Zirky on the loose in a factory or Crusoe lost on his island?
BBC B 39
Escape into a fantasy world of mystery or go back in time with BC Bill.
Amstrad 40
Discover the Treasures of Middle Earth in this complex adventure.
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