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White Lightning 18
This flash graphics developer reaches parts other packages cannot reach. It offers almost a new programming language, and its high quality and low cost make it great value for money.
Issue 74 - August 18th 1984
Monitor 2

Dragon reign transfered to Spain, page 2; Atari 600XL prices slashed, page 3; Teachers get a lecture on schools micros, page 4; and the handy Gavilan arrives in the UK, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Britain's only weekly chart shows the relative fortunes of the stars of the games arena.
Random Access 9
Whether it brings a smile to your face or makes your blood boil, share it with us.
Routine Inquiries 10
Problems solved here. PCN's panel of experts sheds a little light on your darkest problems.
Clubnet 14
One club's interest in the nuts and bolts of computing put them on the right track.
Microwaves 15
Readers' hints and tips for the Spectrum, Oric and Beeb. (We pay 'em a fiver each too).
Readout 16
Give your fingers a rest and thumb some books instead.
Software Pre-View 32
What the future holds - a survey of the new packages that arrived at PCN this week.
Billboard 45
Turn to this page for the equipment you can afford - this week you can put your ad in for free.
Quit 48
Last but not least, enjoy a glimpse of the lighter side of microcomputing.
64 tall stories 18
Commodore 64 characters walk tall with this program.
Genie extra 20
Add three new commands - MERGE, CLOSE and KEY BLEEP - with Keith Hook's easy to use program.
London crawling 22
Take the shortest route across London, from Windsor to Whitechapel or laughing all the way to Bank, on the Epson HX-20.
Radionics run 24
Your home or small business is safe in the hands of the Radionics CNS. It has the facility built in to control a variety of devices. If the viability of micro-computing really does depend on its being practical this computer could be a taste of the future.
Spoken for 28
This speech box gives the popular home computers the power of speech.
Express points 31
A significant increase in the 1541 Commodore disk drive's speed is the promise of the Express Cartridge.
Apple all-in 35
Practicorp's low-cost integrated package for the Apple gets a comprhensive examination.
BBC 38
Carefree capers with the Mr Men, or manic moves with some hairy horrors.
Commodore 64 39
We give four Commodore crackers a run for their money.
Commodore 64 40
Into the ring with your 64, to face some life-like sprite graphics and Spanish music.
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