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Aquarius reborn 28
After a troubled start in life - low sales and manufacturer Mattel's pull-out of the micro market - the Aquarius found a new home with Radofin. Now its successor, the Aquarius II has emerged with a real keyboard, more memory and an eye on the Spectrum/Vic 20 market. David Guest evaluates its chances.
Five Commodore 64s
must be won
In a touch of summer madness, PCN is giving away five best-selling Commodore 64s. In this free, easy-to-enter competition you can stake your claim to one of these great machines by answering six questions. Turn to page 12 for details.
Issue 71 - July 28th 1984
Monitor 2

Oric raises prices but denies problems, page 2; Atari shake-up follows Tramiel takeover, page 3; problems force Torch to delay Graduate's debut, page 4; turtle runs free in House of Commons, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Latest movers in the games arena in Britain's only weekly micro chart.
Random Access 8
Readers letters - and we pay for the best. This week, points of view concern Amstrad, Commodore, Dragon and Newbrain.
Routine Inquiries 10
Problems solved here: Commodore DATA statements discussed, Oric HIRES detailed, Vic assembler decoded and a modem connection made.
Microwaves 14
More hints and tips for the popular machines, courtesy of our generous, sharing, caring readers. (We pay 'em a fiver each too.)
Clubnet 16
One club is tuning into the world, thanks to a combination of computers and radios.
Readout 17
Take a pause from that arduous programming and take a look at the new books.
Software Pre-View 32
A taste of things to come where we look at the packages that arrived in PCN's office this week.
Billboard 43
Quit/Datelines 48
Last but not least, enjoy a chuckle at the less-than-sensible side of computers.
Secret Spectrum 18
Get a little protection for your programs and data with Kevin Ball's password facility.
Adventure 20
Once more our intrepid explorer Mike Gerrard takes up axe and rusty lantern and sets off in search of glory and enlightenment.
Vic revisited 22
It's getting long in the tooth but there's life in the old Vic yet. Peter Worlock starts an occasional series on this venerable micro with a look at the keyboard - your first point of contact.
The plot thickens 28
Hard copies of your colourful graphics are just a step away with this colour flat-bed plotter for the IBM and all Centronics machines.
Beeb in store 26
Mass storage for the BBC Micro from Ikon with its successor to the popular Hobbit fast tape drive. Cheaper than disk, faster than cassette.
Spectrum Sci-file 38
Turn your Sinclair into a businesslike data storage system with this double package.
64 art school 35
Artistic graphics are obviously the year's major subject for the Commodore 64. Yet another offering is Paintpic from Kuma - but this one would make an Old Master sit up and take note.
Atari 43
Superheroes abound - put yourself in the shoes of Bruce Lee or the Incredible Hulk.
Oric 44
Five new offerings for the Oric/Atmos under the scrutiny of Nick Rann.
BBC Model B 47
Into space with Shuttle. Can you capture the runaway satwllite while avoiding the explosive obstacles?
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