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Einstein's theory 28
A new British micro with a price and specification that pitches it straight into the ring with the BBC Model B. Trevor Jenkins finds a lot in its favour.
Issue 70 - July 21st 1984
Monitor 2

Viva el Dragon! The Spanis step in, page 2; Imagine founders in confusion, page 3; Ericsson takes on IBM PC, page 4; and ACT draws fire from the Advertising Standards Authority, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Every week the new entries, the risers, fallers and those that have ground to a standstill.
Random Access 8
Send us your thoughts, we might send you a tenner. This week, opinions on software pirates, new clubs, and the QL again.
Routine Inquiries 10
If you've got a problem we've probably got the solution. PCN's panel of experts is at your disposal.
Microwaves 14
Readers' hints and tips for Spectrums, Commodore 64s, Ataris, Adams, Amstrads and Dragons.
Clubnet 16
Let micro talk unto micro in Nottingham.
Software Pre-View 36
A quick look into the future. We look at the new software before it reaches the shops.
Billboard 51
Looking for a bargain? Got a bargain for someone else? This is the page.
Quit/Datelines 56
The bit at the back for connoisseurs of the comic. Plus forthcoming events at home and abroad.
Dragon sprites 18
Following up the machine code routines in issue 66, an action game that demonstrates the graphics power of your machine.
Spectrum sorts 21
Speed up your Sinclair's sorting routines with Kevin Ball's machine code program.
Tatung old-fashioned 32
Completing the Tatung duo, a business system to the tried and tested formula of Z80 and CP/M. Brendin Lewis compares it with the new generation of IBM lookalikes.
Portman modem 24
Put your micro in touch with the world with this full-featured modem from Interlekt. Kenn Garroch makes the connection.
64's light touch 27
Yet another tool for the computer artist - the Edumate light pen. Guaranteed to bring out the Picasso in you.
BBC gem 39
Your BBC could become a business aid with this ROM-based data management package.
Atari 43
Superheroes abound - put yourself in the shoes of Bruce Lee or the Incredible Hulk.
Oric 44
Five new offerings for the Oric/Atmos under the scrutiny of Nick Rann.
BBC Model B 47
Into space with Shuttle. Can you capture the runaway satwllite while avoiding the explosive obstacles?
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