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Osborne again 28
Osborne Computer is once more set to take centre-stage of the lap-held scene with the Encore. Stuart Cooke was first in the stalls for the preview of this possible show-stealer featuring a built-in disk drive.
Issue 68 - July 7th 1984
Monitor 2

Consumers Association attacks Sinclair, page 2; Acorn manoeuvres around the BBC range, page 3; AT&T brings Unix to Europe, page 4; and ACT takes over the Albert Hall to launch Apricot additions, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Now weekly games charts - PCN gives you the very latest Top 30.
Random Access 9
Readers' letters - and a tenner goes to the best.
Routine Inquiries 10
You think you've got problems? Just see what other readers were stuck with until PCN stepped in.
Microwaves 14
Make waves while the sun shines. Hot tips for the costa del computing.
Clubnet 15
The much-mentioned wind of change in computing is blowing through Hertfordshire.
Readout 50
Looking for a good computer book? We advise on what to buy.
Billboard 51
Can you afford not to turn to our secondhand bargains page?
Quit/Datelines 56
Our mistakes, someone else's mistakes and your diary's weekly dose of dates.
Basic Spectrum 18
With your Spectrum in one hand, an Interface 1 in the other and Gavin Monk's instructions you can improve the micro's Basic.
Memo-text 22
The Memotech text-handling language gets the nod from Chris Goddard.
Hobbit help 24
Hints on getting out of tight spots for Hobbit adventurers, plus a nudge in the right direction for you Urban Upstarts.
MSDOS Tandy 32
Tandy's new IBM-compatible has taken the popular MSDOS trail: Stuart Cooke found that its other features make it stand out as an attractive buy.
Electron link 26
Kenn Garroch experiences a taste of joystick interfacing for the Electron from First Byte.
Acorn Z80 34
Acorn's Z80 second processor is on the streets at last. Simon Horner investigates.
Software Pre-View 36
We relay first impressions of the packages that arrived in PCN's offices last week.
Pascal 64 39
A 64 version of Pascal which is a full implementation of the original with some extra features to exploit the Commodore 64.
Sage additions 41
New features now sported by Sage Plus make it an even more attractive accounting package.
Spectrum 44
Four frantic games to keep you finger-flicking happy.
Dragon 45
Aim for a million, or just head straight for outer space.
Oric 46
A programmable drum machine from your Oric 1.
Atari 49
System resets for Basic programmers.
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