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Light up the Beeb 28
Unix is the year's trendiest operating system. Once the province of mainframes, it's now becoming available for the larger business micros but Torch has broken new ground with its Unicorn add-on for the BBC Micro. Richard King puts the system through its paces.
Issue 67 - June 30th 1984
Monitor 2

QL - now you have a choice, page 2; ACT scores Symphony coup, page 3; Vault attacks pirates' Trojan Horse, page 4; OFT raps Sinclair's knuckles, page 5; and Hewlett-Packard unwraps its PC packages, page 7.

PCN Charts 6
Latest moves in the games arena, plus the best-selling machines.
Random Access 8
Readers letters - and we pay for the best. This week: the Sinclair watchers respond to Sir Clive's comments reported in Issue 65.
Routine Inquiries 10
Problems solved here. This week: advice for Memotech, 64, Oric and Spectrum owners.
Microwaves 14
The place for your tips and routines. This week: help with Atari and Spectrum displays, and hints for BBC and Oric programmers.
Clubnet 15
We find some serious computing in north London where the club meets four nights a week.
Readout 16
Give your trigger finger a rest and take a look at the new computer books. We pick the best from the bunch.
Software Pre-View 36
A taste of things to come where we look at the packages that arrived in PCN's office this week.
Billboard 51
Pick up a bargain, or find a buyer for your unwanted equipment in our weekly micro marketplace.
Quit/Datelines 56
The bit at the back - essential reading for idiot-watchers. Plus forthcoming computing events in Britain and around the world.
Atari on display 18
If the Display List Interrupt is giving you trouble, check out this explanation of how it works and add a little dash to your graphics.
Dragon slayers 21
GO 21. READ PAGE. EXAMINE ARTICLE. Mike Gerrard takes a look at adventuring on the Dragon.
Z80 assembler 22
Continuing our look at programming this processor in its native language.
Apples and mice 25
Continuing the rodent revolution started by Lisa and maintained on the Macintosh, Apple has put a mouse on the II series. Geof Wheelwright uncages the beast, complete with bundled software.
Memotech disks 26
The FDX disk system turns the Memotech from a home micro to a powerful system. We test the big, black box and examine the possibilities.
64 in flight 38
Reach for the sky with this red-hot flight simulator for the Commodore 64. Peter Worlock dons flying cap and goggles for the latest version of the renowned IBM flying machine.
Spectrum helpline 41
A new toolkit for Spectrum programmers gives you more of what you need to take the strain out of machine code development.
Dragon 43
Fast-shooting action with Laser Zone and Buzzard Bait. Survival is the watchword.
Spectrum 45
Action and strategey combine in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Worse Things Happen at Sea.
BBC Model B 47
Fast, arcade-style action in Hunchy, a colourful version of the arcade favourite.
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