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Apple super C 27
Apple Computer has finally produced a portable micro to augment its II+/IIe series, and its compatibility is up to the usual standard. However, Bryan Skinner finds that a major change has taken place - the IIc does not possess the customary expansion slots because everything is built in.
Issue 63 - June 2nd 1984
Monitor 2

The Logiciel Song - PCN reports from Software Expo in Paris, page 2; Radofin readies new Aquarius, page 3; Digital Research and Microsoft go shopping, page 4; and Radionics gets back on course, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Which games have come in from the cold, and which have got the elbow? See our weekly charts.
Random Access 8
Keep up to date with micro users' views. Or drop us a line - the best gets £10.
Routine Inquiries 10
What's holding you back? We offer advice and solutions.
Microwaves 13
PCN's readers help you get more out of your Spectrum, Oric and Commodore machines.
Clubnet 15
Bishopton Computer Club, just celebrating its first birthday, has been getting itself noticed.
Readout 16
What we think of the latest books. Atari users specially catered for this week.
Billboard 51
Buying, selling or swapping - you can afford the micros and peripherals on this page.
Quit/Datelines 56
A look at the lighter side of microcomputing and some dates for your diary.
Money matters 18
Andy Newham's program for the Oric calculates the effects the latest budget will have on personal finances, and it can be adapted for other machines.
Stacks and stores 20
In the fourth part of Keith Hook's introduction to assembly language, programming stacks and their usage come under scrutiny.
Canon wire 24
More competition for the Epson range, as Piers Letcher discovers, in the shape of the versatile Canon PW-1080A dot matrix printer.
Sord's edge 28
Another lap-held portable enters the arena to cater for the travelling businessman. Bryan Skinner reviews the Sord IS-11.
Software summary 34
As the cassettes, disks and cartridges come flooding into PCN's office, we keep you informed of the latest releases.
Dragon ditties 35
Jim Ballard tries out two packages for the Dragon 32. Synther 7 imbues it with song, and Shaper creates some stunning sound effects.
SAM speaks out 36
Software Automatic Mouth is the latest attempt to teach the Commodore 64 to speak, and it also shows Barbara Conway a few things about phonetics.
Spectrum 39
The simplest games are often the ones that please most.
Commodore 64 40
Get out and about as guardian of a fishery, or head off domestic disaster with George the plumber.
Oric 1 43
This assembler/disassembler will intrigue Oric owners with its unusual entry of the addressing mode.
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