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Tried and tested 20
With state of the art micros making all the headlines, why buy a machine that offers only 'old-fashioned' technology? John Lettice comes up with some persuasive reasons in the form of the Tandy 4P, a luggable version of the Model 4 business system.
Brighten up your displays, bring your graphics to life - Micropaedia will show you the arcane secrets of display lists, UDGs, Commodore MOB registers, attribute files and the other ins and outs of picture power on the Oric, Atari and Commodore 64.
Issue 60 - May 5th 1984
Monitor 2

Commodore sets its sights on public networking, page 2; Apple carries the fight to IBM, page 3; Rair launches Unix/Concurrent CP/M Supermicro, page 4; and Tatung raises the stakes, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
What are the best selling games and micros? Find out in our weekly charts.
Random Access 9
You'd be surprised at some of the opinions expressed by our readers. Take a look at our letters page and see if you agree.
Routine Inquiries 10
We answer questions on Spectrum Forth, Commodore 64 and Spectrum games, Oric bubble sorts, ZX81 keyboards and Spectravideo returns.
Microwaves 13
This week we have received useful hints and routines for the Spectrum, Vic-20, Commodore 64 and Lynx.
Clubnet 15
The North Kent Amateur Computer Club, which is featured this week, aims to keep up with the latest micro developments.
Readout 18
Another small sample of the vast number of micro books available, to help you make a choice.
Billboard 59
Buy, sell or swap - there is something for everyone on the second-hand bargain page.
Quit/Datelines 64
This is where we have a chuckle at other people's blunders - and our own.
Filling in on Oric 22
Andy Newham explains the use of Oric's FILL command and provides useful routines.
Quinkey novelty 38
Microwriter has produced an alternative to the qwerty keyboard and Piers Letcher investigates its viability.
Bob-a-job 41
Steve Birchall discovers yet another robot that can be programmed via a home micro, but how many jobs can Bob actually do?
BBC back-up 43
Curing ailing disks is the purpose of Disc Doctor for the BBC, as David Janda discovered.
Tasword twin 47
Microdrive software for the Spectrum is taking off, Barbra Conway looks at a contribution by Tasman called Tasword Two.
Spectrum 48K 49
Two absolute corkers this time - fighting off aliens in Psytron and engaging in dogfights in Red Baron.
Colour Genie 50
Take your pick from this variegated collection of adventure and arcade games.
Dragon 32 53
If you grow tired of defending Earth from aliens in Avenger, how about protecting your mate from the unfriendly Dragon Hawk?
Commodore 64 55
For all you back-to-nature freaks who can't seem to quite leave technology behind - try your hand at a game called Poison Toad.
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