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On speaking terms 19
Forget about teaching sign-language to apes, this is the age of talking micros. Piers Letcher tries to teach a speech synthesizer to speak intelligibly and finds that he has to learn how to talk all over again so that a voice recognition unit can understand him.
Pull out and keep
Micros and modems
The second part of our communications Micropaedia features modems, explaining how to fit them easily for use with your micro, and finishing with some plans for the future.
Win a Lynx 63
Think up a name for the new 96K Lynx micro and you could win one of the five we are giving away.
Issue 56 - April 7th 1984
Monitor 2

British Microcomputing Awards - UK firms scoop pot, page 2; a full report from the West Coast Faire, page 3; Sinclair in the educational spotlight, page 4; Olivetti and Sperry move into PC realm, pages 5 and 7.

PCN Charts 9
Every week PCN charts the rise and fall of hardware and software sales.
Random Access 10
Whether you agree with us or not, let us know what you think, you could receive £10 for your trouble.
Routine Inquiries 13
Don't keep your micro problems to yourself, drop us a line and we'll try to find an answer.
Microwaves 15
A few useful ideas for the Memotech, Sharp and Dragon micros and a suggestion for the DK Tronics keyboard power pack.
Readout 32
To help you find your way through the forest we give you our opinion of some of the latest books.
Clubnet 16
We look in on Winsford's up and coming Mid-Cheshire computer club.
Databasics 66
Want to buy some bits and pieces for your micro? Have a look in our lists.
Billboard 74
The PCN readers buy and sell page, you never know what you might find.
Quit 80
Ending on a light-hearted note we remind you of coming events.
More in store 24
Commodore's storage problems are rapidly being solved by a number of manufacturers. Barry Miles examines the latest disk drive for the 64 - the Commodore SFD 1001.
Spectrum 26
Kevin Ball turns mathematician with a program that can calculate factorials even within the limited memory of a 16K Spectrum.
Hit the road Joshua 27
On the road to Jericho Mike Gerrard encounters an interesting introduction to biblical history.
Of mice and Macs 28
Is the Macintosh a highly innovative new micro or just a fancy drawing tool and word processor - Ian Scales tries to find out.
Dragon draw 50
David Rosam tries a new graphics package.
Working knowledge 53
For those who never want to leave the office, Knoware lets you play at being an employee while learning how to use an IBM, says John King.
Commodore 64 47
A pair of historical games among the Aztecs or with the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Oric 48
Where would you rather be - in space as the valiant Defence Force or in a house with a Psycho.
Spectrum 48K 49
Sabotage an entire city.
Vic 20 54
Ape King provides plenty of scope for monkeying around.
Lynx 62
This utlity gives the Lynx a VAL or string function.
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