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Issue 55 - March 31st 1984
Cover story
Talking to the world with your micro is the featured topic in Micropaedia for the next three weeks. PCN kicks off the series with a look at what you can DO with communications devices. Included this week are hints on using bulletin boards, accessing Prestel and Micronet and what you can do with a Teletext receiver.
Monitor 2

West Coast Faire report page 2; The law gets tough on piracy, page 3; Oric reveals upgrade terms, page 3; Local network links various systems, page 4; Thought control brings 1984 to Apples, page 5; and PCN reports from Softcon, page 7.

PCN Charts 9
Who's up and who's down and who's who in games and micros.
Random Access 10
Your letters printed here and £10 for the star letter of the week.
Routine Inquiries 12
Our panel of experts quashes queries and solves your problems. Let PCN put you right.
Microwaves 14
Tips and hints for BBC, memotech, Newbrain, Commodore 64 and Dragon.
Clubnet 16
PCN's special report this week comes from Grimsby.
Databasics 66
The best microcomputer buys.
Readout 72
New books about Acorn's Electron, the Vic 20, and Machine Code are reviewed.
Billboard 73
Second hand sales of your hardware and software.
Quit 80
Time for a laugh and a look at the upcoming events.
Spectrum sights 25
Steve Kramer leads you on a roam round the Spectrum's ROM and reveals several very useful routines.
Mail order 28
PCN gives you the word on how to make sure that mail order purchases don't turn into mail order nightmares.
The HP Touch 20
Geof Wheelwright puts Hewlett Packard's revolutionary touch screen through its paces and finds a highly professional micro lurking beneath the gimmicks.
The light side 34
Light pens for the BBC and Commodore 64 point the way to easy graphics. Piers Letcher investigates.
Spectrum prolog 50
David Janda tests yet another language for the all-singing multilingual Sinclair.
Electron graphics 51
Acorn's mini-Beeb draws the line and reviewer Kevin Bergin is impressed.
Vic 20 46
Patience played on screen and Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time.
Oric 1 48
Battle with Norse Gods in Loki or play the Pied Piper in Rat Splat.
Atari 49
Atari's tennis game wins set and match.
Dragon 54
A powerful drawing program for the Welsh micro.
Atari 61
A hardware flash simulator to put pazzaz in your programs.
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