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PC on the move 18
PCN has done it again - specially flown in from America we give you the first review of IBM's newest addition to its micro range, the Portable PC. For all those workaholic executives who want to take work home from a computerised office, Steve Birchall presents what may be the answer.
Issue 54 - March 24th 1984
Pull out and keep
Atmos expansion
We wrap up our look at Oric's Atmos and Oric computers with an examination of peripherals and Oric Basic.
Win a Mac 79
An Apple Macintosh could be yours. There are two going as prizes in our readership survey and competition.
Monitor 2

Curbing the copiers - new lines of attack, page 2; add-ons blossom for Acorn, page 3; Jane gives Lisa a spin on Apple, page 4; plus a report from last week's Computer Trade Show, page 5.

PCN Charts 7
All the top selling games and hardware at a glance.
Random Access 9
Get out your pen and state your point of view. The best contributions are rewarded with a tenner.
Routine Inquiries 10
Let us help you with all manner of micro problems, our panel of experts is standing by.
Microwaves 11
This is where you can show off your computing prowess and share your little gems with fellow-readers.
Readout 16
Read any good books lately? We may have reviewed just what you're looking for.
Clubnet 70
Find out what clubs and user groups there are in your area, or start your own and let us know about it. This issue contains the first of our weekly Clubnet reports on page 15.
Billboard 78,82
Buy, sell or swap - there is something for everyone on the second-hand bargain page.
Quit/Datelines 88
We finish off with a look at the lighter side of the micro business, and make a few dates for the future.
Atari mixed modes 24
Mark Hutchinson continues his series on the Atari's graphics and shows you how to get the results you want.
Starving industry 29
Everybody is feeling the pinch as the microchip shortage becomes global. Tom Sato tries to analyse the strategies being employed by manufacturers to keep their lines of supply open.
All keyed up 34
Fuller, DK 'tronics and Transform have produced 'real' keyboards for the Spectrum. John Lettice tried them out.
Dip into Beebfont 51
Garry marsh achieves some very fancy lettering with his BBC.
D-I-Y games 53
To get around the standard line-up of commercial games, why not design your own. Even with the limited memory of the Vic 20 this isn't as hard as you'd think - as Pete Gerrard discovered.
Atari 55
Whether you want to fly a plane or drive a racing car, anything is possible in Atari's fantasy world.
Spectrum 58
Arcade action on the move as you hurtle through the forest on your motorbike or engage in a dogfight high in the skies.
BBC 59
Take your pick from our selection of text adventures that take you out to sea or into Frankenstein's castle.
Commodore 64 60
If you thought Othello was a play by Shakespeare, think again. In this case it's a micro version of the board game Reversi.
Sord 67
The first of our new regular utilities - a handy routine for the CGL-M5.
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