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Issue 53 - March 17th 1984
Pull out and keep
Inside the Atmos
This week sees the start of a PCN special on the ins and outs of the Oric Atmos, how it works and how to get the best out of it.
Win a Mac 15
An Apple Macintosh could be yours. We're giving away two as prizes in our readership survey and competition.
Monitor 2

Flan Enterprise five months late, page 2; ACT rescues the Sirius, page 3; micros in the race for the US presidency, page 4; Lynx leads out the Laureate, page 5.

PCN Charts 7
Galluping games and hardware highs in our weekly poll of the market.
Random Access 8
Tense and nervous? A tenner could be yours for spitting it out.
Routine Inquiries 11
If you're in a fix with your micro we'll try to mend matters.
Microwaves 12
PCN's clues column with a bundle of microcomputing tips.
Readout 38
PCN's regular book program.
Databasics 73
Software spotting is this week's offering from our listings section.
Billboard 82
Get a cheap micro from the bargain basement at the back.
Quit/Datelines 88
The main events and the last word in computer publishing.
Musical micro 18
Yamaha enters the micro field with its implementation of the true MSX standard. Igor Thomas is at the keyboard to conduct the proceedings.
Display for today 24
Geof Wheelwright looks at recent advances in screen technology that are putting bigger pictures on the smallest of computers.
Atari graphics 30
More info on getting the best graphics from your Atari.
Modems for micros 34
Looking for a quality modem at reasonable cost? Read our review of the Tandy/Sendata model.
BBC disk decision 37
Model B owners now have another choice in the DFS market, the MDFS from Microware.
BBC Tool Chip 51
Simon Williams looks at an Eprommed attack on the BBC B.
Spectrum Creation 52
Build your own adventure? Bob Chappell reports on the triumph of the Quill.
Atari 55
Raids and races with Air Strike 2 and Pole Position.
Dragon 58
Vampires infest the Castle of Doom, while Dan Diamond stages a comeback in Fishy Business.
Spectrum 61
You've been reduced to the ranks for incompetence, and your only chance to claw your way back is to shootdown as many enemy planes as possible with your anti-aircraft guns. Reach for the skies with Battle Stations.
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