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One year old
Corks are popping at PCN to celebrate our first birthday - a couple of million words since we put No 1 on the news-stands. Being a forward-looking magazine we're not dwelling on the past, instead we'll thank you all for sticking with us and hope you'll stay for the next 2,600 pages - Ed.
Issue 52 - March 10th 1984
Pull out and keep
From quill to Qume
The final part of PCN's complete guide to printers looks at ink-jet technology, offers some advice on printer-related reading matter, and looks into a dot-matrix.
Five Epson RX80s
to be won
The final instalment gives you the chance to win one of these superb dot matrix printers. The RX80 is a versatilr and reliable machine.
Monitor 2

Psion prepares for QL rush - page 2; Government stifles modem development - page 3; ACT looks ahead to extra products - page 4; Gamekeeper hits out at UK micro makers - page 5.

PCN Charts 7
Check to see if your favourite game is leading the rest.
Random Access 9
Got a point of view on micros and the industry? Send it here and we may send you a crisp tenner.
Routine Inquiries 11
We're here to help. Whatever your problem, whatever the micro, we'll try to put you right.
Microwaves 12
Hints, tips and helpful routines from our readers.
Readout 30
Our regular look at the new books.
Databasics 74
Peripherals: everything for your micro from printers and disk drives to monitors and modems.
Billboard 82
Pick up a bargain or find a buyer for your unwanted equipment in our weekly micro marketplace.
Quit/Datelines 88
Make a date with all the leading micro events both at home and abroad.
Wren takes flight 18
Ralph Bancroft weighs up the latest entry in one of the hottest areas of microcomputing - a British portable for £1,000.
Samurai standard 21
The Japanese are finally coming - bearing the MSX banner. Ian Scales and Igor Thomas investigate.
Adventure in words 24
A while back we asked: Is the text adventure being killed by its graphical counterpart? Mike Gerrard replies with a resounding 'No!'.
64: Micro of note 35
Bring out the music in your micro with two packages for the Commodore 64.
Play as you learn 37
Despite the claims for micros in education, software has left much to be desired. We round up another batch of new 'teaching games' to see if standards have improved.
Oric plug-in power 50
A new 'intelligent' cable allows your Oric to communicate with a variety of peripherals. David Janda looks at the performance.
Dragon 56
Action and strategy in this round-up of the new games for the Welsh micro.
BBC 59
Lobsteroids can damage your health, or you can do the same to a bunch of snakes.
Vic 20 64
UFO: a space game with a twist - you are the alien.
BBC 71
Morse Code: turn your Model B into a morse generator.
Commodore 64 72
Gary the Guitar: you become this heroic musical instrument.
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