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Issue 51 - March 3rd 1984
Pull out and keep
From quill to Qume
Part Two of PCN's complete guide to printers looks at the problems of interfacing, tells you everything about daisywheels, and looks at peripherals for these peripherals.
Five Epson RX80s
to be won
The second in our three-part competition in conjunction with Micropaedia gives you the chance to win one of these superb dot matrix printers. The RX80 is a versatile machine capable of fast draught quality print, or high quality output in a variety of styles. Don't miss your chance to win one.
Monitor 2

Oric muddies upgrade waters - page 2; Software protector sidesteps officialdom - page 3; H-P touch system in stock - page 4; Next flower from the Lotus tree - page 5; Info '84 report - page 6.

PCN Charts 9
Following the fortunes of your favourite games in Britain's best microcomputing bestsellers list.
Random Access 11
Where else could you win a tenner for speaking your mind?
Routine Inquiries 12
Whatever your problem, ask our panel of experts. This week we have advice for owners of Spectrums, Orics and Commodore 64s.
Microwaves 15
Hints, tips and helpful routines from our readers, this week for users of Wordwise, Commodore 64 graphics programmers and others.
Readout 16
Our regular look at the new books.
Databasics 73
PCN's regular buyers' guide - this week full listings of nearly every machine under £5,000.
Billboard 82
Pick up a bargain or find a buyer for your unwanted equipment in our weekly micro marketplace.
Quit/Datelines 88
Make a date with all the leading micro events both at home and abroad.
Cover story
Sharp's high-power portable
The lap-held portable competition is hotting up and this new contender, says Dominic Powlesland, could send Sharp up to the front of the field.
Microdrive magic 25
Put your Microdrives to good use with Gavin Monk's indexing and database programs that will allow you to auto-run program files and other good things.
Colourful print 50
Why waste your colourful screen displays when you dump them to a black and white printer when the cost of colour hard copy is falling? Piers Letcher rounds up three of the latest quality, low cost, colour printers.
Acorn interfacing 53
What would IEEE interfacing mean to your BBC Micro and how do you get it anyway? Victor O'Neill looks at two new solutions from Acorn and CST.
Artistic Oric 35
Despite the potential of the Oric's graphics, getting the most from the system can be difficult. A new package from Dream Software aims to make life easier. Ron Street reports.
Super 64 38
Barry Miles looks at Superbase, a powerful database package for the popular Commodore.
Spruce up CP/M 36
Can a piece of software and an Epson printer give you the power of a dedicated typesetting machine? Ralph Bancroft gives Fancy Font a spin.
Spectrum 57
Gamespeak arrives in the form of talking software.
Atari 55
Entertainment for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.
TI99/4A 59
The robots are coming - can you stop them?
BBC Model B 61
Millipede: a frantic game involving a high-speed insect growing by the second.
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