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Issue 50 - February 25th 1984
Pull out and keep
From quill to Qume
PCN begins a three-part series on printers, building into a complete guide to choosing, buying, using and maintaining these useful, often invaluable, peripherals.
Win an Epson
We're giving away five of these superb dot-matrix printers in our latest competition in conjunction with Micropaedia. The RX80 is a versatile machine capable of fast draught quality print, or high quality output in a variety of styles including italics and emphasised modes. It also offers dot-addressable graphics. Don't miss your chance to win one.
Monitor 2

QL anticipation reaches fever pitch, page 2; Downline loading hits software shops, page 3; Memotech unveils its disks, page 4; Chip crisis hits UK micro makers, page 5; and micros muscle in on music, page 6.

PCN Charts 9
Follow the fortunes of your favourite games in Britain's best microcomputing bestsellers list.
Random Access 11
Drop us a line and your thoughts could win you a tenner.
Routine Inquiries 12
Whatever your problem, ask our panel of experts.
Microwaves 15
Hints, tips and helpful routines from our readers, this week covering the BBC and Electron, Commodore 64, Memotech and Spectrum plus a fix for Forth.
Readout 16
Our regular look at the new books.
Clubnet 79
PCN puts you in touch with like-minded enthusiasts in clubs and user groups across the United Kingdom.
Billboard 90
Pick up a bargain or find a buyer for your unwanted equipment in our weekly micro marketplace.
Quit/Datelines 96
Make a date with all the leading micro events both at home and abroad.
Cover story
Enter the Sanyo
Kenn Garroch tests the Sanyo MBC550, Japan's latest contender in the western business market offering MSDOS for under £700.
Spectrum paraphernalia 27
Now you've got your Spectrum it could be the start of something big. John Lettice has some ideas on expanding your system.
Learn about Lisp 32
Kenn Garroch traces the history of this long-established language, best known for its artificial intelligence applications.
Your 64 speaking 36
Let your Commodore have its say with the company's long awaited speech synthesiser. Barry Miles is impressed by the quality.
BBC in control 39
Your Model B could take over your home thanks to Interbeeb, an interface that introduces real-time control applications.
Follow that Beeb 55
Now you can see what's going wrong with your code thanks to this machine code trace program.
Utilise your Atari 57
Could you use a little help around the house? Check out two utilities that could make life a bit easier.
Spectrum 58
Urban deprevation side by side with Godzilla and the Martians.
Dragon 62
Pilot a spaceship or just go fishing.
Oric 64
Tiptoe through the minefield in this explosive program for you to key in.
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