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Issue 48 - February 11th 1984
Pull out and keep
An A to Z of Atari
Part 2 looks at the vast range of software available, gives a round-up of Atari books and features the second instalment of Atari Basic.
Win an Atari 600XL 23
You could win a share of £1,250 of prizes. We're giving away six Atari 600XLs, copies of the Atariwriter word processor and versions of Donkey Kong to run on Ataris, Commodores or the TI-99/4A.
Monitor 2

Sinclair QL likely to be late, page 2; Fuller aims to fulfill promises, page 3; Commodore presses ahead with plans, page 4; Toy-makers shy away from micros, page 5; MSDOS is served on a chip, page 7.

PCN Charts 9
Random Access 13
Send us a letter. Your words of wisdom could earn you a tenner.
Routine Inquiries 14
If you've got a problem ask our experts.
Microwaves 16
Readers' hints and routines for the Vic 20, Spectrum, Commodore 64, Memotech and Lynx.
Readout 23
Our weekly look at the new books.
PCN Programs 64
Lynx: Gridtrap, an exciting game of strategy for you to type in.
Databasics 73
All the peripherals you need to extend your system.
Billboard 82
But, sell or exchange your micro products.
Quit/Datelines 88
Dates for your diary plus more microcomputing idiocies.
Epson Extension 25
Make more of your HX20's printer with this machine code utility that lets you print sideways.
Dragon drives 18
Shrinking storage comes to the Dragon via Sony's 3in drives. Brian Cadge looks at the hardware together with a new interface and toolkit.
Spectravideo standards 33
The new MSX 'standard' was variously welocomed and derided. Now John Lettice gives a full test to the first micro claiming MSX compatibility: the Spectravideo 328.
Atari 800 revisited 38
Beneath the exterior of the Atari 800XL, Geof Wheelwright finds an old friend.
Screen economy 20
Monitor prices are dropping. David Janda tries two new units from JVC that offer colour displays at less than the cost of a TV.
C is for Apple 53
Richard King examines a C compiler for the Apple.
Educated BBC 52
Just how good is educational software? Colin Cohen gives his marks to five packages for the BBC Micro.
Spectrum 57
From alien worlds to multi-storey car parks.
Vic-20 60
Go flying or risk death in Zorgon's kingdom.
Commodore 64 59
All action round-up of five new releases.
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